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EXO Has an Innocent S/O

Contains: fluff / swears / protection / alcohol / G-rated ears

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// Minseok

“Hahaha!” Baekhyun and Chanyeol laughed.  You had lost again.

“I’m sorry,” you whispered at Minseok, who said it was okay and picked up the two shot glasses.  He coughed because the soju went down wrong.  You patted his back and he nodded that he was okay.  You two were on a team and were losing more than you expected to.  But since you didn’t drink, Minseok had agreed to drink for both of you when you lost.

“Are you sure?“ you whispered.  “We can stop playing.  Let’s stop.”

You brought Minseok to his room and helped him lay down.  You brought him water and bread and let him lean against you.

“Ugh… I’m glad you don’t drink, Jagi.”

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// Junmyeon

You were out at the mall, hand in hand with Junmyeon.

“You hungry?” he asked.

You nodded and led to toward the food court, where you got a bowl of noodles to share.

You had just begun eating when a fight broke out right next of you.  Two guys stood up and began loudly swearing at each other.

Junmyeon was quick to remove you from the area, covering your ears to minimize what you heard.  You were a little shaken after witnessing it, even when you were away from the food court.

“That was soooo crazy!” he said in an exaggerated way, easing your nerves and making you laugh.  “Do you want to leave?”

“We didn’t get to finish our food… we should go back and get it.“

“Okay.” He held you close to him as you returned to the food court, where you saw the police pulling the fighters away from the area.

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// Yixing

You were watching Go Fighting! together, laughing at his reactions and all the antics.  You were curled up in his lap with a big blanket draped over the both of you.

As everyone was fishing around in the show, you heard something you didn’t expect to hear.

“OH $¢£§!“  It was from Yixing in the show, and you immediately tensed up.

“Oh nooo!” he laughed, covering your ears so you wouldn’t hear the replays.  “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I forgot about that part!!  Aiyo…”

You looked behind you with wide eyes.

“I saw a snake in there, I was so surprised, it was completely involuntary,“ he told you, but you were still pretty shocked by it.  “Do you still want to watch?“

You nodded and he promised there wouldn’t be any more moments like that, especially not coming from him.

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// Baekhyun

Baekhyun was playing League of Legends with Minseok and, unlike how they usually play, it was getting really heated.  He must have forgotten that you were right behind him watching, because he let out a whole string of expletives when they lost.

“Aiiish, 40 minutes for nothing.”  He spun around in his chair and when he saw you there he quickly covered his mouth.

“J-Jagiya, you didn’t hear that!!” he tried to deny.  “I said “truck” not… not what you think I said… oh gosh, I’m in trouble.“

Minseok was laughing at him as he got out of his seat to hug you and take you away from the room.  “You didn’t hear that, you didn’t hear that….”

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// Jongdae

You had come with CBX on tour and after their last concert, and the boys were ready to celebrate at the hotel before going home.

“It’s a party day, it’s a party day!” Baekhyun sang.

“What’s everyone having?” Minseok asked, so he could bring back enough drinks for everyone.

“______ will just have soda,“ Jongdae answered for you.

“You sure?  You may not have fun,” Baekhyun asked you.

“______ can still be fun without drinking, right?“ he asked, and you nodded, smiling that he was so understanding.

And you did have fun!  So much fun, that they had to call hotel security on your room, and it was only the four of you!

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// Chanyeol

It was finally date night and you had taken all day to prepare and to look your best.  You’d be going to a new fancy restaurant, you knew that, but Chanyeol had told you the rest of the evening would be a surprise.  You only knew to wear something upscale, so you did.

When you came downstairs to tell him you were ready, he was not prepared.

“Oh $#!t!” he jumped up and yelled before realizing what he had said and covered his mouth.  He had startled himself too, and had also knocked over a lamp when he jumped, which popped with light when it hit the floor.  “Oh $#!t!” he yelped again.

You didn’t like hearing those words, but he was so flustered and clumsy you couldn’t help but laugh.

“Stop it!” you said, hitting his arm.  “Be careful, I think you broke the light bulb.”

“Sorry, Jagi, you just look so amazing!!  Do you forgive me?”

You did forgive him, and later on in the night when he took you to the beach for a surprise, you laughed about it some more.

// Kyungsoo

You two were on the couch eating popcorn and watching Kyungsoo’s latest film.  It was a tense scene between Kyungsoo and the other male lead and you were hanging onto his arm as things got more heated between the characters.

When you heard the barrage of R-rated language, you covered your ears and buried your face in his chest.  He was so startled by your reaction that he paused the movie.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, petting your hair.

“I can’t believe they made you say those words!”

“Well, it was in the script, it’s what the character would say,” he said with a small laugh.  “Here, we can mute this scene, I’ll just tell you what happens, okay?”

You nodded and he unpaused the movie, narrating the remainder of the scene, then unmuting the TV.  But in the next scene, Kyungsoo had to take off his shirt, and you weren’t prepared for that either.

“Ohmygoodness!” you screamed, both unable to turn away and unable to keep looking.  Your eyes darted around the room as he chuckled next to you before pausing again.  “Did everyone see you like that?” you asked with your eyes closed.

“They were just the cast and crew, it’s okay!”  He rubbed your back and held you until you looked up at him.  “Want to watch something else?” he asked.

You felt guilty, because you had promised him you’d watch his movie, but you weren’t sure how much more you could take.  “…maybe let’s take a break…”

“Okay, I’m tired of watching myself anyway.”  He turned on Pororo and let you snuggle him as you two watched that instead.

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// Jongin

EXO was having a fun night in, telling jokes and laughing.  It was all in good fun, but it was getting a bit out of hand in your opinion and it was beginning to make you uncomfortable.

“Guys, stop it!“ Jongin suddenly called out over the noise, and everyone in the room got quiet.  “Don’t use that kind of language around ______.”

Jongin looked down at you and patted your back, and you uncovered your ears.

There were some quick apologies from the other members.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” you said quietly, but Jongin wasn’t through being mad at the members who had yelled out the swears.

“Go wash your mouths out with soap, all of you!”

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// Sehun

You and Sehun were on your way to an all-inclusive trip to a resort in Cancun.  That meant unlimited free food, entertainment, and drinks for a whole week.  While you were excited, you wanted to make sure Sehun knew what your boundaries were.

“Sehun?”  You tapped his shoulder and he took out his earphones.  “You excited?“

“Of course.”

“I just wanted to clarify… you know I don’t drink, right?”

“You don’t?  Not even on holidays?”

“Nope, never.“

“Huh… Okay.”  He looked forward, then back at you.  “Can I still drink?”

“Yes, I just won’t drink with you.”

He nodded.  “What are you most excited for?”

“The beach and the sand, I think.  What are you the most excited to do?”

Sehun took a deep breath.  “Well…” (see gif)

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