g r e c i a n

you know, I think it’s so frustrating when we have to wait an ENTIRE WEEK (!!!) for a new episode of our favorite show, but then I also realize:

there are also people out there, that aren’t netflix addicted. people who have lives, friends, hobbies and good grades, but h o w  c a n  t h e y  l i v e  w i t h o u t  o b s e s s i n g  o v e r  f i c t i o n a l  c h a r a c t e r s ???????

Tarot and Pendulum Readings are always open ❤️

just keep in mind that I do wake up at 4:30am for school so i may not get to you immediatly but i will answer your ask within 24 hours


E M E R G E N C Y ✨😁☀️

General musical descriptions

Dear Evan Hansen: Ben Platt looking into the audience with a sad expression for like 2 ½ hours

(bla bla bla) Great Comet of 1812: simple plot surrounded by a kinda easy plot surrounded by a lot of other crap (but still somehow managed to be amazing)

Hamilton: over hype: the musical

Falsettos: oh the GAYNESS of it all

Charlie and the chocolate factory: we say we’re family friendly but we also show a child getting ripped in half. (Very underrated)

Sunset Blvd: it’s like a really fucked up beauty and the beast.

Phantom of the Opera: sInG oNcE aGaIn WiTh Me OuR sTrAnGe DuEt

Cats: a two hour tourist trap

School of Rock: talented children+ Alex Brightman + Sierra Bogess= a show I wanna see!!

Something rotten: Shakespeare was a prick

Come from away: WELCOME TO THE ROCK

Spring Awakening: don’t have sex: or you’ll get pregnant, and die

Wicked: you already know

Heathers: it’s like if Caty just fucking KILLED REGINA.

Carrie: rated R Matilda

Matilda: R E V O L T I N G C H I L D R E N

Once on this island: Moana?

Sweeney Todd: Worst. Haircut. Ever.

Newsies: boys jumping for 2 hours

Book of Mormon: Repress your emotions woooo!!!!

Waitress: sad and pregnant + pie!!!

(these are jokes I love all of these)