g pro song project


[ENDORSEMENT] G Pro Song Project - Lee Hi Version (2nd Version)

[LYRICS] Lee Hi - Latin G Pro Song

난 하이G, 대세라G,

I’m Ha-yi, the trend,

그 누구라도 주목하G,

that everyone pays attention to,

아직 어리G, 나 기대되G,

I’m still young, you can look forward to me,

사장님 YG, 든든하G,

my boss is YG, it’s reassuring (right?),

나 노력했G, 나 준비됐G,

I’ve worked hard, I’m ready now,

세상에 나갈 때G,

when I go out into the world, 


they’ve been waiting for me,

I’m gonna be your G

Note: They replaced ‘지’ phonetically pronounced ‘Ji’ with ‘G’.