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peter pan modern au: the crocodile & the pirates

a huntress and her dangerous prey

“there are a lot of ‘em,” slightly says, of the kidnappers. “at least,” — he pauses, thinking — “ten.”

smee, alf, starkey, cookson, bill…” nibs reels off, keeping count on his fingers.

curly cuts in: “cecco, mullins, chay — and…”

hook,” say all three, their voices harmonising ominously. 

“try to keep on their good side, if you can,” slightly advises wendy. “’specially smee. he’s the worst.” his hand drifts to his shoulder, fingers probing at an injury hidden beneath his t-shirt.

instinctively wendy looks up at the house. a shadow flickers in one of the windows: the elusive hook?

“he rarely leaves his room, these days,” pan says, following wendy’s gaze. “it’s crocodile - he thinks she’s tracked him down at long last.”

“what do you think?”

“i think that if a woman chopped my hand off, i’d still be wary, ten years later.”

Musical Theatre Roles from Lowest to Highest (female range)

(Many of these are up for interpretation to an extent, but I’ve included the vocal range to the side for reference!  The ranges are based not only on the high notes, but the low notes, timbre, and what part the actress sings in group numbers.  If you feel a character is way out of place, or think I’ve put the incorrect range, send me a message!  (I may have been going a little bonkers by the end of putting this post together, so just let me know!) 

Don’t know your vocal range?  Check out this video for help figuring it out!

You can find the male counterpart to this post here!

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