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peter pan modern au: the crocodile & the pirates

a huntress and her dangerous prey

“there are a lot of ‘em,” slightly says, of the kidnappers. “at least,” — he pauses, thinking — “ten.”

smee, alf, starkey, cookson, bill…” nibs reels off, keeping count on his fingers.

curly cuts in: “cecco, mullins, chay — and…”

hook,” say all three, their voices harmonising ominously. 

“try to keep on their good side, if you can,” slightly advises wendy. “’specially smee. he’s the worst.” his hand drifts to his shoulder, fingers probing at an injury hidden beneath his t-shirt.

instinctively wendy looks up at the house. a shadow flickers in one of the windows: the elusive hook?

“he rarely leaves his room, these days,” pan says, following wendy’s gaze. “it’s crocodile - he thinks she’s tracked him down at long last.”

“what do you think?”

“i think that if a woman chopped my hand off, i’d still be wary, ten years later.”


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Our Present Condition

“No matter where Africans are - on the continent or in the diaspora - our condition is the same. We are on the bottom and descending. The MAAFA continues to take its toll. We are unconscious, unorganized, unfocused and lost from our purpose. Our strongest visible leadership is in hot pursuit of minimal, narrow goals like, “integration,” “civil rights,” “jobs,” “voter registration,” etc. We seek minimal adjustment and temporary comfort by assimilating to whatever the political, economic and cultural order may be, even when that order is itself in chaos, or driven by values that are anti-African and anti-human. When we “dream,” we often do not dream original dreams; we merely seek relief from pain. As as result, the dream does not encompass a meaningful plan or strategy which is connected to mobilization.

We do not know who we are, cannot explain how we got here and have no sense of our destiny beyond mere survival. Most of us hope to hitch a ride on someone else’s wagon with no thought whatsoever as to where that wagon may be going. We have no destination of our own. Ask our leadership,ask our women, men or children on the street what our agenda is. Ask them what plans Africans have and what we want to build for ourselves within the next five, ten, twenty-five, seventy-five or one-hundred years? We are so used to having others make long term plans for us that the idea of our own five-year plan is petrifying to us. As the 20th century comes to a close, why do we remain in such a vulnerable and debased condition? certainly, the conscious and confined oppression of our enemies is a factor, but several other factors have contributed to our present condition and prevent us from reaching our full potential as a people. We cannot advance because we have:

  1. No unified spiritual base that respects and compliments our different religions
  2. No global view of ourselves as one people
  3. No geopolitical view of our condition as a people
  4. No global strategy (or even local strategy) for our uplift as a people
  5. No collective aim
  6. No structures for socializing the masses of our children
  7. No structure for communicating the things to our masses

The existing global rules for ethnic groups have been articulated in detail by Joel Kotkin and Samuel Huntington. Kotkin (1993) argues that successful groups in the world are really a part of what he calls “global tribes,” or ethnic groups. Huntington (1996) calls them civilization or cultures Both discuss the African American struggle for liberation but do not see us becoming a factor in geopolitics, now or in the future, because we lack unity. This does not mean that we could not bond, but it shows that bonding for unity is the indispensable prerequisite for collective action. How does the rest of the world unify and plan? What is their agenda? What is their agenda for us? When African leadership operates without explicit attention to geopolitics, that is a sure sign that we will have failed before we have started. Without a strong African identity, we will remain ripe for every kind of exploitation.”



GET TO KNOW ME MEME » favourite actors [5/20]:

➥ thomas brodie-sangster

“I don’t actually watch a lot of films, I don’t think it’s on purpose. Whenever someone usually comes around my house, I usually have music on. I don’t really like having the TV on. Sometimes at the end of the day it’s nice to remove yourself from your job. Especially if you’re playing quite heavy roles, it’s quite nice to just relax with your mates and have a beer or a nice meal.”

on this post im getting a lot of “husband and wife” explanations and that got me thinking, imagine miss pauling and spy having to do a mission together where they have to pretend to be husband and wife, and both of them smirking on the inside bc they know how fucking gay they actually are

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(Y/n) hummed to herself, trying to keep her nerves under the surface. It was her first full moon on the island and if Pan were to find out…

She shivered at the dark thought, moving her hair into a high bun before carrying on with the washing. She seemed to always get landed with the task – which she found very demeaning and slightly sexist – and because the boys were always so scruffy there was again a never ending pile of clothes.

The girl grumbled but got on with the work, making sure that none of it fell back onto the dirty ground and stayed put on the clothes line. She placed the empty basket on her hip, glancing nervously at the setting sun before walking back to camp.

The boys danced around the fire wildly, banging sticks and whooping, Peter grinning as he played his pipes. When he noticed the sly girl trying to sneak off to her tent he jumped up from his place on his log, wrapping his hand firmly around her wrist.

“And where do you think you’re going?” he asked, gently – well gently for Pan – pushing her back toward the group “The fun’s just beginning”

“I’m not in the mood” she huffed. But he wouldn’t take no for an answer and soon she found herself lost in the music. Peter watched as she moved hypnotically, surprised by her confidence. Something was different, something was wrong.

Everything was going well, everything was fine. And in a split second everything changed. The girl glanced up at the moon, whole body freezing.

“(Y/n)?” Peter asked. But she wasn’t listening. She let out a little cry, her body trembling as she dropped to her knees.

Some of the boys rushed to aid but she pushed them aside, crying softly at the pain.

“Don’t” she warned, feeling her bones grow shorter as she panted. One little boy didn’t listen however.

“Mother” he whispered, gently reaching out to touch her arm.

“No!” she snarled, eyes glowing a bright blue. She lost control. And in that one second, everything changed. She swiped at the child, making him stumble back in agony, a large scratch mark on his arm. He yelled and was quickly pulled away by some of the other boy’s.

“What’s happening?”

“What’s going on?”

“Keep away from it, Toodles!”

“Someone grab a torch, they don’t like fire”

The words swam in her head as she finally transformed, her bright white fur springing out as she whined. She looked around wildly, watching as the Lost Boys jabbed at her with torches and daggers, trying to scare her off.

“Hey, stop this. Stop right now, back all of you” Peter yelled but she was already gone, leaving behind her tattered clothes as she sprinted off into the forest.

Peter watched her go, his jaw clenching in annoyance.


(Y/n) woke with a start, hand reaching out to grasp the blanket that had been thrown over her. She gulped in a few short breaths, trying to figure out where the cloth had appeared from.

“You looked cold” a voice explained from behind her, making her stiffen and turn her head slowly.

“Peter…” she breathed, trying to find the right words.

“Why wouldn’t you tell me, hmm?” he frowned, running his tongue over his lips “I would have helped you, I wouldn’t have pushed you”

The girl sighed, running a hand through her (Y/hc) hair that was covered in leaves and dirt.

“How could I be so sure you’d be that understanding Peter?” she countered.

The boy huffed, sitting down next to her with a dull hurt look on his face. She instantly felt the warmth of his body and thought about shuffling closer. She really was cold. And I think anyone else would be – sitting there in the early hours of the morning, completely nude – werewolf or not.

“Have I ever given the impression I wouldn’t be?”

“No” (Y/n) mumbled, shaking her head “But others haven’t and still their reactions were not pleasant”. She showed him a mark that travelled down her collar bone - probably left by a knife or dagger – before pulling the blanket closer to her body.

“Ever wondered why I was lost?” she sniffed, chuckling slightly at his shocked expression “My parents left me when I was first bitten. I was nine. I had live on my own, I had to make sure had enough to eat, somewhere safe to sleep. You learn a lot of things about people when you bounce around from place to place. One – no one is as understanding as they appear. Two – you can never trust anyone, not even yourself. And three – monsters don’t get love, nor do they deserve it. And that’s exactly what I am Peter, a monster”

Peter felt his heart tug as he watched the tears pool into her (Y/ec) eyes.

“(Y/n)” he started softly, gently clasping at her cheeks “You do realise who you’re talking to, right? Monster? No not you. Trust me, I’m the king of monsters”

She smiled sadly, going to comfort him. But he interrupted her, trying to make sure his point sunk in.

“In no way are you monstrous. Your time left alone made you hard, yes. But never evil, never a monster”

“How can you say these things after what happened last night?” she asked in disbelief.

“Because I see it. In your eyes” he trailed a thumb down her cheek, catching a stray tear “I see no malice, no darkness. Only light, only love. And as you said yourself, monsters don’t get love”

“Oh Peter” she sobbed quietly, throwing her arms around him.

He sat and held her, tangling his hands in her messy hair as she clung onto him, crying into his shoulder.

“Then you are no monster either” she kissed his cheek “For a monster could not say such beautiful things”

He smiled, pulling her down onto his chest again. The two sat in silence for a few minutes, (Y/n) relishing in the boy’s natural scent of pine and body heat.

“So you trust me then, claws and all?” she grinned, pulling her blanket closer.

“Claws and all”


So. Bisexual George and Pansexual Fred. Let’s talk about it.

Imagine the twins sharing with each other when they start discovering they like boys too, the little struggle at first and then helping each other with accepting themselves. Looking in a different way to the boys they are used to. Pointing which one they think it is hot or cute or kissable. And George realizing he must be bisexual because that makes sense right? And Fred think he is bisexual too for a while but then he’s just like “oh man i just don’t give a shit about gender or body or if the person has no gender or more than one gender or whatever, all I care about is the person” or something like that. And he doesn’t know much about it, then he searches and discover the term ‘pansexual’ and it fits. He’s just happy.

And then the first time they really kiss a boy.

It happens first with George. He is at a muggle store searching things for their inventions and this cute boy starts flirting with him and he’s just “why the hell not?” and just starts flirting back and when he sees he’s already making out with the boy in a hidden alley and it’s defferent but he really likes it. He never sees the boy again but he doesn’t regret.

And then coming home and telling Fred. But Fred just kiss a boy after they quit Hogwarts. It is some day when they already heve their store and it’s with a wizard guy. And he just sees this guy and is like “i wanna kiss him” and he hits on the guy and asks him on a date. And he say yes. It’s not a big deal of a date but at the end of it they kiss. And he sees the guy again, obviously, and they start kissing and experimenting because this guy is not much experienced, just like Fred.

And Fred was still seeing this guy when he dies and nobody but George knew about him yet and when George finally manages to tell him he’s like desolated. They cry a lot.

But yeah.

In the end George makes sure everybody knows about his sexuality and don’t mistake him as straight just because he’s with Angelina now. And he makes sure they know about Fred too, because they didn’t have time to tell before.
Molly and Arthur will maybe question it but of course they will accept them because they love them so much no matter what. And George, some day, introduces the guy to them and they’re just happy to know Fred had someone so good and caring by his side.

I obviously have a lot to say about that but I’ll stop here because this is already kinda long. I just couldn’t stop thinking about all the possibilities and I had to write something about and share with you guys. So here it is. I know there’s are so many possibilities I didn’t talk about here (mostly about Fred’s pansexuality, but well).

Please share with me anything you may think about it. I wanna hear EVERYTHING.
~and sorry for the mistakes i’m sure are there. english is not my first language~