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10 Eras & 10 Canons

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the 10 Eras and 10 Canons ficlet project for the 10 Years of Steve/Tony celebration. This post is a masterlist of those 20 works spanning and celebrating the breadth of Steve and Tony’s relationship. But sure to also check out the other works posted to the Anniversary Collection

Ten Eras

Ten Canons

car boys theory

beamng.drive was never actually “created.” rather, it was discovered by a humble game developer who was messing around with map editors. one fateful day, they opened up what they assumed was an empty void of a map they hadn’t done anything with yet, and yet shockingly they found several rouge objects falling through this world. those objects were a soccer ball, a futuristic vehicle, a large inflatable mat, and most interestingly of all, a destroyed blue sedan with two infinite beams of light shooting out of it neatly labeled “n” and “g” within the maps new, unprompted code. finding no source for these objects, they used the groundwork from this instance as inspiration and framework for a fun, soft body car simulator, taking the experience as an act of divine fate. they named this simulator after the two beams, citing them as the “true creators of this simulation.”

by falling into the time vortex, Nick and Griffin created beamng, and that’s where the series has been going this whole time. that’s why buzz lightyear told them to take that jump towards the vortex, because he knew this is where they had to go. the bustos, the blob, iron man, they were all important and powerful figures, yes, but this was always the true mission, so that all the fun we had along the way would still happen in the first place.

Ale's Olicity Fic Recs List

In honor of my three years on tumblr, I wanted to make this list of my top favorite olicity fanfics i’ve read since i joined the arrow fandom. Honestly this list could have been so much longer but alas i’ll make myself make a part 2 sometime in the future. I hope you find new fics you haven’t seen before or that you choose to reread an old favorite. Thanks for being so amazing darlings, your talent and creativity has made my experience with the olicity fandom one of the highlights of this past year. 

Also a special shoutout to an amazing blog that i ALWAYS go to when i need to find new fics to read. theolicitylibrary check out this blog, follow it or bookmark it and enjoy all the amazing fics this fandom has to offer <3 

Enough chit chat, happy reading everybody!

Must Reads - These are the fics that I literally read over and over again without ever getting tired of them. And if you were to ask me which fics you should read first, these are it. Start with these ones. 

Pink Drinks and Pick-Up Lines - Frea_O, complete, rated t, strangers au, blind date au, there is just something about this fic that makes me laugh and smile and squee every time i read it. I think its the fic i’ve reread the most i practically have it memorized by heart. 

what does home look like? - sarcastic_fina, wip, rated t, series- 2works, i am SO obsessed with this fic, i just want to know what happens next and gah lovesick oliver always just makes me emotional. no island au, high school au, family feels , Lance is Felicity’s stepdad, Sara and Laurel her stepsisters kind of au. there is also a oneshot from Oliver’s pov that i practically know by heart i’ve read it so many times. 

The Victory- December_Daughter , not rated, complete, fluffy chance meetings au, this fic makes me smile and my heart melt i love it

Convergence - Nightkeepyr, complete, explicit, porn, straight up porn without a plot, strangers au, sooo fucking hot

should’ve left my phone at home (this is a disaster) - leviosaphoenix , complete, rated t, fluffy strangers au , so cute and fun and perfect to distract from all the angst

Dear John - Shideezhi, complete, explicit, i cannot say enough good things about this fic, felicity decides she needs to leave the arrow lifestyle, oliver doing everything to get her back, reeead it.

Open Heart and Lithe Tongue (Speak and We are Undone) - RosieTwiggs, complete, explicit, a fic dedicated to oral sex, need i say more?

Hang My Head Break My Heart (Built From All I Have Torn Apart) - ciara2531, wip, mature, starts off with a strong Thea x Felicity relationship before it gets to olicity. its incredible. 

and you know what??? honestly read all of lee’s fics, (sarcastic_fina) i mean i already posted a few of my top favorites into this list but ALL of her fics are amazing and i love all of them and it would take forever to post them all so here, this is a link to her ao3. have fun reading <3

Bratva!Olicity/Mob FicsThe title speaks for itself. I adore these fics, there is just something about them that has me hooked. also this genre could be an extension of my must reads, i reread these fics all the time too.

you could be the king (but watch the queen conquer) - sarcastic_fina , wip, explicit 

A Matter of Trust - bluesuedeshoes, complete, explicit, arranged marriage au

Russian Roulette - Caiti (Caitriona_3), series -7works, wip, teen

What He Needed - GeorgeHeesto, complete, explicit

Behind The Hummingbird  - GeorgeHeesto, wip, explicit

Я чувствую это слово для вас - angelica, complete, rated g,

Just following the map that leads to you - ohmypreciousgirl, complete, mature, arranged marriage

Russian Speaking Oliver - Mimozka, complete, rated t, series-3works, bratva

Oblivion (Is Calling Out Your Name) - seetheskyaboveus, wip, mature 

I let it burn, not afraid to feel it shine on me. - fueledbybooks, complete, mature

The Reluctant Queen - December_Daughter, wip, rated t, blackmail, protection au 

No Island Au’s- Sometimes its just nice to get away from canon. These fics do it remarkably well. All kinds of aus.

Stories Of Duke Of Starling - Saturn_Queen, wip, mature, historical au

You’re The Boss - gnimaerd, complete, explicit, prostitute au

Taste of Your Poison Paradise - HoodiesandComputers , complete, explicit, prostitute au

Felicity The Virgin - javajunkie , wip, rated t, inspired by Jane The Virgin

Let it rain, let it pour - Nightkeepyr, complete, explicit, pwp, strangers au

Creatures of the Night - thierhappystory, complete, rated t, prostitute au

Cleared for Take Off - Nightkeepyr, complete, explicit, strangers au

Confined Chaos - Nightkeepyr, complete, explicity, strangers au

Eye of the Beholder - Bre_o, wip, rated t, beauty and the beast retelling

My Little Corner of the World - javajunkie, wip, rated t, friends to lovers au

Camp Crush - bluesuedeshoes, complete, rated g, summer camp au

The Accidental Boyfriend - javajunkie, complete, rated t, pretend wedding date au

Let’s Remix This Business - Frea_O, complete, rated t, social media au

Everything To Lose (Everything Gained) - Hann789, wip, rated g, college au

Executive Stress Therapy - trueplainhearts, complete, mature, prostitute au

Canon Divergence-  So this is basically fics that are based off of canon but at some point take their own path.  

If I Were A Better Man - sarcastic_fina, wip, explicit, series- 3works, pre S.1 , season 1 rewrite 

You’re His Hope - ChronicOlicity, wip, rated t, EPIC, more than 78 chapters, post episode 9 in the 3rd season, league of assassins Oliver.  

What happened in Vegas… - Jules_Ink, wip, explicit, season 1 rewrite, vegas au

The Dilemma - goingvintage, complete, explicit , pwp, masturbation

Rivers and Roads - angelica , wip, not rated, season 1 rewrite, felicity is oliver’s psychiatrist

Click - LadyChi, complete, explicit, smut, CEO & Executive Assistant 

Hands - redtoes , complete,  rated t, post S.1 , friends to lovers au

Don’t you just love the desire taking hold of you (well, I can tell you do) - sarcastic_fina, complete, explicit, CEO & Executive Assistant

What’s Your Fantasy? - chasethewind, wip, explicit , series - 15 works, smut smut and more smut here 

Felicity Smoak, Technical Advisor - thatmasquedgirl, wip, rated t, season 1 rewrite, fucking AMAZING, one hell of a series. 

Devil’s Backbone - anthfan, wip, explicit, post sara’s death.

Sins - SmoakandArrow, wip, mature, season 1 rewrite

Without a Thought (Without a Voice) - cindysark, complete, explicit, something was bound to happen on the training mats

And A Bottle of Wine - ciara2531, complete, rated t, 

remove all doubt - puzzledhats, complete, explicit, post S.2 pre S.3

What happens in Vegas… - redtoes, complete, explicit, not to be confused with the other fic, if the different authors didn’t give that way already. vegas au, 

You told me I was like the Dead Sea (I never sink when you are with me) - sarcastic_fina, wip, rated t, island au

This Ain’t Love (It’s Clear To See) - callistawolf , complete, explicit, season 1 rewrite

One night stands and vanilla cupcakes - redtoes, complete, explicit, jealous oliver oooh, felicity doing what needs to be done to be happy, fuck yes.

Late fees - redtoes, complete, explicit, pwp, 

Lengths - rosietwiggs , wip, explicit, bdsm (but focuses more on emotional aspect and not just the sexual, its so beyond incredible)


Little Talks - december_daughter, complete, rated t, friends to lovers au, 

Filled with Gold - december_daughter, complete , explicit, sequel to Little Talks

Drabble Collections- So many writers in this fandom do these, they are wonderful and encompass everything from tropes and au’s to episode fixers and requests. I love reading them and they are quick reads too. 

Take a little piece of my heart (and keep it for yourself) - sarcastic_fina, wip, rated t

Sultry Sunday Smut Series - callistawolf, wip, explicit 

throw your soul through every open door - effie214, wip, rated t

Dim Sum After Fisticuffs - ihatepeas, wip, rated t

Olicity Flash Fiction - ihatepeas, wip, rated t

Fragile Things - bluesuedeshoes, complete, not rated

Russian Sunshine and Other Terms of Endearment - bluesuedeshoes, complete, not rated

Tropes - anthfan, wip, rated t

At First Sight - thatmasquedgirl, complete, rated t, all KINDS of au’s that lead to different series, all amazing. also these are more oneshots than drabbles, some of them are pretty long actually and so fucking amazing. i can not say that enough.

I’ve Never Truly Loved (Until You Put Your Arms Around Me) - thierhappystory, wip, mature 

Bits and Pieces - mimoska, wip, rated g

But You Stood By My Side Night After Night (You Loved Me Back To Life) - ciara2531, complete, rated t

I can’t escape this now (unless you show me how) - callistawolf , complete, explicit

Drabbling in Your Love - rosietwiggs, wip, explicit, series- 3works, 

Domestic Olicity/Family Fics - basically these are the fics where Oliver and Felicity are married or parents, fics where there is team arrow family fluff, and even fics where Oliver and Felicity aren’t together (yet) but everyone still considers them a couple/family figures.

nothing comes from nothing (nothing ever could) - effie214 , complete, rated g, ITS SO SWEET AND PERFECT AND I CRY DAMN IT, kidfic, sound of music appreciation life forever!!!!

Like A Queen - leli1013, rated g, complete , everyone can see it au

Legacy - ash818 , rated t, complete , next generation, 

The Man Under the Hood - ash818, rated t, wip, next generation

His Little Genius - CSM, complete, rated g, precious fluffy fic, kidfic

Give a Little Love - jemmaniac, wip, rated t, inspired by life as we know it , godparents to guardians au, kidfic

The Gorgeous One - ohmypreciousgirl, complete, rated t

Sunshine and Rain (Make A Beautiful Thing) - ciara2531 , complete, mature, kidfic

Ways To Grow - lizook12, complete, rated g 

You can tell - mariss95, wip, rated t, everyone can see it au

Olicity + Others - Not gonna lie, sometimes I indulge myself and read some smoaking canarrow or better yet some smoaking billionaires (i mostly just read tommy felicity oliver but if you have recs for smoaking canarrow let me know, i’m not opposed). Threesomes can be so much fun.

How the Mighty Fall (in Love) - abbie & rosietwiggs, complete (ish?), explicit, smoaking billionaires, 

Lustful innocence - nightkeepyr, complete, explicit, smoaking billionaires, strangers au

You Owe Me - bluesuedeshoes, complete, explicit, smoaking billionaires 

After Hours - chasethewind, wip, explicit, smoaking canarrow , prostitue au, bdsm

Curse of Cuervo - redtoes, complete, explicit, smoaking billionaires

 Where Heaven Stops and Earth Begins - rosietwiggs, complete, explicit,  smoaking billionaires 

kyou-goshouin  asked:

I'm curious, what brushes do you use for lineart and coloring?

This is something I’ve discussed before, but for lineart and colouring I use Frenden’s Clip Studio/ Manga Studio brushes for clean inking and flats! They aren’t free, but they are very good for the price! However, the regular G-Pen and Mapping Pen that come with the program are pretty good too.

For the textured lineart I use pencil brushes by Kyle Webster (also not free, however).

And just to cover other bases while I’m at it, for painting I use Johannes Voss’ (free) brushes, Bastien Deharme’s (free) brushes, Kyle Webster’s numerous painting brushes, and Ilya Kuvshinov’s (Patreon) brush set.

I have loads of other brushes/sets by other artists that I use, but those are the main ones! Hope that helps.

anonymous asked:

Hi Minna !! Do you make your own brushes (particularly in MS) or do you have a place where you get them ?

For the comic I use a lot of the default brushes that I tweak just slightly for my desired purposes, in Manga Studio I especially love the mechanical pencil, the G-pen and the mapping pen for inking. The normal pencil is pretty decent for a lot of coloring.

For painting, especially in Photoshop, I use random custom brushes that I collect from different free brush packs. Googling stuff like “free Photoshop concept art brushes” or something will probably have you drowning in brushes. 

For Manga Studio the pickings are slimmer, the only custom brushes I’ve installed are from a pack I bought, this one here. The presentation is ghastly, but I really love many of the traditional art brushes in the pack, like the ones named “gurgle” and “mud oil”.

anonymous asked:

Do you happen to have a list of finished Annie/Jeff fics you'd recommend? I feel like I've read all accessible ones without creating a livejournal account

well i’m pretty new to the community fandom so i can’t imagine i’ve read any that you haven’t – especially since you’ve exhausted livejournal fics (wow!) – but here’s a sampling of my favorite jeff/annie fics so far:

hope this helps! like i said i’m new, so i’m sure i’ve left a lot of classics out. i encourage anyone who would like to add on to do so!! :D

Snapmap really badly needs a “plays exactly like the singleplayer campaign, with no terrible gimmicks” catagory.

“I feel like playing DOOM 4 today, but I don’t want to just replay the campaign. Lets check snapmap!”

*Sorts through thousands of gimmicky maps to look for something that simply plays like a regular DOOM level*

“Ah, here we g-”

*map has a weapon limit and universal ammo drops on every kill.*

“Damn. Well, lets try again.”

*Wastes an hour sorting through more mountains of survival, multiplayer, boring story missions where you walk at a snails pace, and other unconventional gameplay maps.*

“Oh this one looks really go-”

*Already beaten it.*

“Fuck this I’m just going to play D4D instead!”

szczepter  asked:

Hmm maybe kagakuro, 05, G and map? Thanks in advance :)

Kagami’s mother only ever tried to teach her son two things: how to cook and how to love art. The first thing, he learned out of necessity. The second lesson never took.

She would take him to all the museums in the city, whenever she had a day off (which was not often). She would make him stand still in front of every painting for at least a minute. They would spend hours in a single museum, Kagami bored out of his mind the entire time.

“You do not go to a museum for entertainment,” his mother reprimanded him sharply whenever he complained. “You go to a museum to experience elation.

Kagami had to look up the word when he got home. The word seemed flat on the page, describing an experience that didn’t quite fit with the way the word sounded on his mother’s lips. Joy, the dictionary said. High-spirits.Exultant gladness. But the way his mother said the word made it sound more akin to holiness. His mother went to museums the same way some people went to church, and she felt something sacred there that she never could pass on to her son.

After the divorce, after she walked out of his life forever, Kagami spent a few lost years trying to chase after elation. It wasn’t in a museum, that was for sure. It wasn’t in church, either. He thought maybe he could find it on a basketball court, but even though he was never happier than when he had a basketball in his hands, he was pretty sure it didn’t match up to the exultant gladness his mother found staring at a Botticelli.

It’s not until Seirin that he thinks maybe he’s figured it out. Not until the basketball they play, not until the Winter Cup, not until battling the Generation of Miracles, not until Kuroko that he begins to understand what his mother was talking about.

Later, when kissing Kuroko is as second nature as breathing and home is wherever Kuroko is, Kagami stares at his lover in awed wonder, for minutes on end, until Kuroko gets embarrassed and covers his face and murmurs, “Kagami-kun shouldn’t stare so much.”

And Kagami thinks he can see a map in Kuroko’s skin—the map of Kagami’s whole life, from the point when he’s a kid, unhappy in a museum, to where he is now, as a man so damned impressed with the one who stands by his side. The map of where Kagami traveled in order to be here, staring at the man he wants to spend the rest of his life with, understanding, finally, the meaning of elation.

A/N: The words were “museum, elation, map” and man, was that a challenging combination. But thank you so much for the prompt! I felt very honored! (I am in love with your KagaKuro blog. I may be having a slight “senpai noticed me!!” moment. Thanks again!!)