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Fave Glossier products?? Also have you tried Milk makeup?✨

I luvvv everything by glossier! There isn’t anything i dont like tbh but my favs are boy brow, skin tint, original bomb dot com, & haloscope in moonstone 💕& I haven’t tried Milk makeup but I really want to!! My heart would be complete if glossier & milk makeup did a collab ohmygod

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Do you think the day Insomnia fell, Dino was the first one who got the newspaper, being he's a journalist and all, and showed it to Ignis, or maybe almost broke into their hotel room because he was like 'oh shit that guy was alive yesterday, is this for real, did something happen??' and he's like halfway through opening their hotel room when Ignis just opens the door and is like 'what tf are you doing, are you spying on us?' because for some reason I think about this a lot.

I’m hyperventilating at this because it’s such a good point but I gotta stay cool so I can answer coherently omfg.

This scenario makes too much sense for it to go ignored. Dino most likely would have been the first to hear of the news, and he’d actually be disturbed that such a blatant lie was being publicized, fed to the masses as a legitimate report. He’d seen Noctis only the day prior, so he’s one of the few who actually knows the truth of that part of the report. He’d also be there to watch Noctis leave the hotel, no doubt. 

As for how Ignis gets a hold of the paper… I’d like to say Dino’s the one scrambling to let them know. Though, to my mind, Dino’s probably waiting in the lobby or somewhere (even by their room, what the hell) for the prince to take his leave, so he can tell him then. But the moment he spots Ignis, he’d jump right over to shove the paper in his face tbh.

And then as Ignis leaves Dino’s saying something along the lines of, “No way a reporter of my integrity would publish a bogus story like that.” Now he’s feeling bad because he made Noctis and his friends risk their necks for a fucking rock lmao.

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Steins gate!

  • my favorite male character

oh god um..,,,, okabe! (but i love them all,,)

  • my favorite female character: 

kurisu!! (again tho i love them al,, even the one that everyone hates on ghgh)

  • my otp

okakuri! (okabe x kurisu) i’m a sucker for mutually supportive healthy relationships wh a t can i say,, they just have such a great dynamic and care abt each other so much

  • my notp

idk if i’d call it a notp but okamayu (okabe x mayuri) ROMANTICALLY AT LEAST, the friendship between these two is so important to me and so making it romantic always ruins the importance of such a great platonic character dynamic that these two have imo! (i don’t really have a blazingly HATED notp for this show tho tbh, like i don’t have any burning feelings of hatred for this ship i just love them as friends so much that i don’t ship it romantically!)

  • my other ships: 

kurimayu (kurisu x mayuri), all of the characters x happiness, Beta World Line x not existing KSJDGHSJK, i haven’t played s;g 0 yet but i’ll probably ship daru with yuki ghgfh, MAHO X FARIS X MOEKA BLEAS (from s;g 0 based on something i heard abt an ending fdkh)

  • my least favorite character: 

oh goodness i’ve never thought of this. um… gosh i feel compelled to say moeka but honestly i don’t think so? ghghgfhkfg all of SERN is my least favorite character (it’s really hard to hate the characters for me?? some of them do shitty things but then u see them in other world lines where they weren’t forced by sern and shit and they’re ANGELS AND U JUST FEEL SO BAD FOR THEM)

  • my favorite season/episode: 

my favorite episode is,,, episode 14!! (because of a certain scene,, ghgh i’m actually crying thinking abt it it’s so touching)

  • who i would date off the show:

KURISU, but honestly probably any of them fdjhdfkh (imagine mayuri as a gf???? sweet nerd who’s always there for you, a ray of sunshine, brightens ur day, SMILES MAKE UR SKIN CLEAR) and i also want moeka to be supported and happy so someone pls date her I HEARD IN S;G 0 THERE’S LIKE A MOEKA/FARIS/MAHO ENDING AND I LOV???

dam,,,, i love this show so much i’m getting emotional again JKGSDJKGS THANK U FOR ASKING