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Cold Beverage
G. Love & Special Sauce
Cold Beverage

Chocolate egg cream yo I’m champ cherry pounding.

When I was younger, I heard a song on the radio and vowed to myself that one day I’d be just as cool as G. Love.

However, like most promises I make to myself, I completely forgot about it after a while. Years later, I rediscovered G. Love and now I can almost rap this song by heart.

Baby steps.

50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
Paul Simon
50 Ways To Leave Your Lover


“50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” is a 1975 hit song by Paul Simon, from his album Still Crazy After All These Years.

The song broke in the U.S. in late December 1975 becoming number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 on February 7, 1976, and remaining there for three weeks. It was certified gold on March 11, 1976, and remained a best seller for nearly five months. The song also topped the adult contemporary chart for two weeks. It remains Simon’s biggest solo hit.

In 2011 it was covered by G-LOVE with help from THE AVETT BROTHERS.


3:30 Blues: G. Love & Special Sauce - Blues Music (by shineondono)

3:00 Blues on Spotify 3:00 Blues


On this week’s podcast we talk to…


… of special sauce fame, whose new album “Sugar” just hit stores last week.  We talked to him about his line of actual special sauce, which comes in “Original Hot”, Caribbean and Thai sweet chili flavors.  He also tells us what it was like growing up in Philly with a mom who taught kids cooking classes out of their house, and how knowing what jicama was got him a job at a fancy Boston restaurant. We also got him to tell us how using cooking and sushi helped him woo his 8th grade girlfriend. At the end, we gave him a sandwich from Ink.Sack (podcast guest Michael Voltaggio’s shop) and tell him about the 90s video we uncovered of him cooking shirtless.

Download the episode for free on iTunes or by putting our RSS FEED into a player of your choice.  Or if you’re too lazy for all of that, you can stream the episode below…


The Avett Brothers-The Fall, featuring G Love. 

Such an amazing jam. Just goes to show the true talent of The Avett Brothers. Nice singing, nice harp blowing, and nice strumming. 


The Expendables - Wells Feat. G. love

great song


G. Love and his son

the most freaking annoying song but the most adorable people