g koui


G Koui

I can still do it, I’ve still got a lot of strength
This isn’t the point
If only I could display my original strength

If I am into it, I could do great and huge things
In a matter of minutes, just not now, “Then when?”
Not yet, “Soon?” – No, I’m saving it up for someday
Every one of you, why do you belittle me?

You all underestimate me as you please
Can’t understand anything, can’t become anything
I don’t want to do it anymore, there’s no meaning
It’s all sticky and slimey in my mouth now

I think it’s already gluey
I’ll do this and that again and again, comforting myself
Come on, praise me

Self-pleasure, self-pleasure, self-pleasure, G
Self-pleasure, self-pleasure, self-pleasure, G
Tiny, tiny, tiny self-pleasure
Self-pleasure, self-pleasure, self-pleasure, G

I know, I really do
I know you’re the kind of person who’ll do it if you want to
If you’re serious, a fearsome power is hidden inside of you
You’re just not serious yet
Even if everyone’s serious, they’re not like that

Ah, I’m looking forward to it, I’m looking forward to it
To what kind of a big shot will you become!

Don’t the successful people say this often?
Don’t they arrogantly speak of their humble origins?
To you, isn’t right now the time for it?

Isn’t it so? Certainly it is so?
You’re great huh?
If that’s so, isn’t it dangerous?
Aren’t all these words becoming an impressive tale?
Isn’t it that the spicier it is, the better it is
Isn’t it delicious? Aren’t there too many “Isn’t it”s?

I understand that your complainant
And understood with your clean opinion
And all you need is a satisfaction

So please feel free let’s masturbation

What the hell? Guys of recent times aren’t wearing their weenies properly
Is it just for decoration?
It is all empty inside, I’m sure
Just with a look, disclose it yourself, to those overconfident women

Who still don’t know what a hug feels like
Oh no, damn, no, I want to kill you
Today, that guy is like that, what the hell
It wasn’t easy to spoil the undergarments

You don’t know the real me
Even if you knew the real me, then
Eat me, hug me
And if you say “No!”, then go cry and beg
If you cry and beg, I’ll forgive you
Because I’m a good woman

I completely agree with you, it is exactly as you said
Test, test, test, test, it’s a mic test
I’m a low life, a piece of trash, yes let’s!
If you were born in a different generation
This definitely wouldn’t happen

If the generation was different,
We would be standing on a totally opposite stage
There’s no mistake, you wouldn’t be tempted by such weak-minded men
If you were in the Nara period, in that neighbourhood

You can’t help but be popular right?
Are you praising me? Or are you mocking me?
Making a fool out of me?! Then mock me!
And if you mock me by saying “No, no I can’t!”
The starch paper on that candy is already melting!

No it can’t be, you idiot, get lost
You monster wearing other peoples’ skins
No matter how many times you are reborn
You won’t have a chance to play the protagonist’s role
Get the skill right and finish it quick, get a good tempo
You could give up
Say farewell to sexual acts and etc., come over here and pleasure yourself

Self-pleasure, self-pleasure, self-pleasure, G
Self-pleasure, self-pleasure, self-pleasure, G
Come over here, come over here, come over here
Just a small, small, small amount of blood

As for me, the things I’m thinking
There’s one thing that’s pretty good
Today, somewhere, with these hands and body
I’ll comfort my little lamb

Well, how about uniting?
How about making a communion of lambs?
If that happens, the world
Will probably turn into a gentler colour

Names of Pets, First Developments of my Take on the Gerudo Language

I finally decided to sit down and try to create some names, I largely combined the words of German, Latin, and Polish with a few others in there to try to create solid names that evoked certain thoughts or emotions and sounded like they could be a legitimate language. I imaging the Gerudo language being closely associated to the Slavic languages with a mix of Germanic and Latin, as it is how I sort of build the Gerudo culture in general, though a heavier focus on Greek than is here. This is also sort of my own take on the Gerudo language I suppose, though this is most certainly not the same language as Breath of the Wild’s Gerudo, for instance rather than voe or vai it would use language closer to virmsky for male and komina for female, savut meaning good, omek meaning morning, saiękuję [sigh-koui-G] meaning thank you. I’ll try to develop it more at another point when I have more time. I’m also not sure how to write phonetically so this is the best I can get at, using words and phrases most know how to pronounce. It has quite a bit of hard, sharp sounds and some rolling of the tongue.

@gerudoshikyapril​ I feel you’ll specifically appreciate this. I did my best with it. I would like to have a proper discussion at some point about how to write pronunciation and the general structure of what I’m trying to create since you’re much better and more experienced than I am at this.

Name - sex (meaning) [pronunciation]

Vindista - F (Revenge, retaliation, justice, vindicated) [v-in-D-stah]

Razkomor - M (Commander, leader) [rass-comm-oar]
Spirza - M (Spirit) [spear-zah]
Dunbor - M (Dark, dusk) [done-bore]
Bitlacht - M (War-like) [bit-locht]
Śmiertirk - M (Deadly) [sh-meer-t-irk]
Snajwaidow - M (Sniper, marksman) [Sh-nah-j-why-d-ow ]
Taceny - M (Silent, quiet) [tass-en-E]
Potenzky - F (Power) [Poe-ten-z-key]
Umbrień - F (Shadow, obscure) [uhm-bree-ne]
Sroteńca - F (Defender, protector) [s-row-ten-E-sha]
Jägca - F (Hunter) [y-egg-cah]
Fiebiej - F (Thief) [fee-ebb-jay]

Avakur - F (Sky, flight) [ah-vacc-hoor]