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“The Ashton siblings  - children of the infamous London werewolf Ezra Ashton, they are enigmas among the supernatural community; half werewolves are a rarity, and two even rarer. The both of them were eventually fully Turned, although Olivia is more accepting of her lycanthropic side than Gideon is. 

Olivia, the elder, is a practical, intelligent girl with sharp wit and a fierce love for her family. After her parent’s death and her brother’s disappearance, she flees her old upper-class lifestyle to the high seas, where her wolf pack roams and conquers.

Gideon, the younger sibling, is a more sensitive soul. He finds passion in music and art, and feels he does not fit the mould of upper-class Victorian society quite like his sister does. His father sends him to a boarding school that is in reality a pack-recruiting grounds, and flees with his lover Ezekiel and is recruited into the Society of the Supernatural. 

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