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gif request meme » Borderlands + favorite minor character

Lessons learned while drawing Jojos:

  • If you can’t draw Jolyne’s hand, just turn it into a decorative string to fill in negative space.
  • Jotaro’s face doesn’t have to be symmetrical if you hide half of it behind his hat brim.
  • Giorno is too pretty and illegal to draw.
  • Joseph’s hair swoop is stupid and I hate it.
  • I have not been studying the right anatomy to draw Jonathan beef.
  • How the fuck does a pompadour work
  • Johnny is impossible to pose if I can’t leave him on the floor.
  • Gappy is just happy to be there.

harry is the light of my life 

  • JJ: Hey Kitten
  • Yurio: What the fuck do YOU want?
  • JJ: Why is Otabek only talking to you?
  • Yurio: I'm obviously better than you
  • JJ: *Gasps* That can't be true
  • Otabek: What can't be true?
  • JJ: The kitten is better than me?
  • Otabek: Yuri is definitely better than you.
  • JJ: *Stomps off*
  • Yurio: Thanks...
  • Yurio: *Reaches out to hug Otabek*
  • Otabek: *Pulls Yurio as close to himself as possible*

     Y o u    s h o u l d    b e    d e a d.
          You’re lucky. Don’t forget.  

  • Otabek: *Puts arm around Yurio*
  • Yurio: You weren't even in the room how the fuck are you suddenly here?
  • Victor: I felt like something gay was happening so I needed to check it out
  • Yurio: Isn't there always something gay happening around you
  • Yurio: Can you just leave?
  • Otabek: I'm sorry...
  • Victor: It's fine... I'll get going now *smiles*
  • Yurio: He's so annoying
  • Otabek: Hey, he's really nice
  • Yurio: U g h

But what if Eleven never sees her own reflection until she returns to Hawkins for good? What if she can feel the soft fluffiness of her hair, but she doesn’t know what it looks like? The first time she looks in the mirror again, after all they’ve been through, she sees gentle, brown curly hair and says decisively with the brightest smile in years, “Pretty” 

Sorry for the lack of art this Friday. Mod’s been busy with last minute visits with friends and preparing to go back down to college. So here’s an animation of Agny forever attempting to pack away her 3DS, pillow, and assortment of stolen clothing.