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Gypsy isn't a slur. Besides there are more groups than just Romani. only sjws think that's a slur and actual gypsies are not offended by that word.

i know there are more groups than just Romani (which is an umbrella term for numerous sub-groups btw)…they are treated appallingly here in Europe so don’t condescend to me (esp. since you don’t even live here)

but anyways i think i’ll continue listen to actual Romani mutuals who’ve taken the time to educate me on why it’s a derogatory term rather than some faceless anon who most likely doesn’t even belong to that ethnic group

like how dare you dismiss Romani ppl who might object to that term as “sjws”…just piss off mate -_-

The year is 2090 - the 29th installment in the Yugioh franchise is currently airing with Yuwan as the current protag. Konami announces its latest merchandise. At age 93 I nearly have a heart attack that kills me and through the tears I pull out my debit card.

They finally released merchandise for female yugioh characters.


Is he your exception?

i can’t stop thinking that at some point when trini’s mom had become more acceptance and getting to know trini better than before, she definitely shared baby photos with Kimberly.

Like Trini’s mom definitely showed Kim pictures of Trini when she used to had a gap tooth when she was younger and TRINI IS LIKE, MOM NO???? wh y ?? ?? and Kimberly is like gasp!!!!! YOU’RE CUTE!!!!! O:!!!!!!


the only child mr. h has to watch for is the idiot who runs the city.
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I'm amazed

That I have almost 700 followers who like G/t and just the thought of that blows my mind. 700 followers is bigger than a town that my husband works in. 

This community has gotten to a size of a small town. 

Thank you so much, I’m speechless 

As if noticing him for the first time, she turned slightly toward him, dark and calculating eyes narrowing as she eyed him as intently as he did her. Then, the corners of her lips curled upward, causing his soul to shudder involuntarily.

That smile that was so… un-Riza-like.

Hellbound by @the-flame-and-hawks-eye

I was doing a summer internship at an organization that does camps and after-school things for disadvantaged kids to teach them writing and art and stuff. Anyways, each camp lasts one week, and at the end of the week, we have campers and their parents/guardians fill out feedback forms. One day, my job was to enter this data into spreadsheets: one file for the forms the parents/guardians filled out, and one for the camper. This is when I discovered that second graders are better at filling out forms than the adults who care for them.
See, the camps are a bit more expensive than the programs we run during the school year. It’s how the organization makes most of it’s money, I think. So the kids we got were from families well above the poverty line, and consequently, had parents/guardians with better educations and socioeconomic backgrounds. Which, as we all know, means they’re generally worse people.
The parent/guardian forms asked if they thought their kid had enjoyed themself, if they had learned anything, etc. More than half of the adults said they didn’t know. Your kid is right fucking there when you’re filling it out, fucking ask them. Don’t draw me a picture of a cat from behind, Linda, pay attention to your fucking kid, how hard is it to ask them if they’re enjoying themselves, you had five fucking days to pay attention to your kid while this camp was happening.
The kids’ answers, by contrast, were much more informative, as well as entertaining. I didn’t get any cat-butt doodles from them, even though I’ve seen some of these kids draw and they are tiny fucking artists it’s seriously insane.
I also couldn’t figure out how to spell one camper’s name because it was an unusual one and she was a small child with small child handwriting and her parents were adults with terrible handwriting (I’d be a hypocrite to criticize them for it, mine’s generally shit as well, but at least I try to be neat when somebody else has to read it!) I was saved by her grandfather, who also filled out a form. Thank G-d for old people with good penmanship.


From Left to Right: 

Bertram G. Goohue, Nebraska State Capital, Plan, Lincoln, Nebraska / Julian Elliott, Plan of the Pilcher House, Zambia / Typical Plan of Ancient Moorish Dwelling, Prepared by C. Uhde / Emilio Ambasz, Houston Plaza Center, Plan, Houston, Texas, 1982 / Linlithgow Palace, Plan, Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland, 15th-17th Centuries 

Oscar Niemeyer, Maison de la Culture, Plan, Le Havre, France, 1972-1982 / Qasr Kharana, Plan / Frank Furness and George Hewitt, Jefferson Medical College Hospital, First Floor Plan, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / Hans Hollein, Rauchstrasse, House 8, Plan, IBA Apartment Building, Berlin Germany, 1983 / E. Matveeva, E. Perel’man and L. Dunkin, Design for a Sports Complex with Swimming Pool, Plan 1983 

Plan for the Margravate of Azilia, Georgia, 1717 / Edward Durell Stone, North Carolina State Legislative Building, Plan, Raleigh, North Carolina, 1960 / Anthony Ernest Pratt, Cluedo Board Game Patent, Plan, 1947 / Philip Johnson and John Burgee, General American Life Insurance Company, Plan, St. Louis, Missouri, 1977 / J.N.L. Durand and J.-TH. Thibault, Plan of Temple Decadaire 

Le Corbusier, Early Plan for the Governor’s House, Chandigarh, India, 1952 / Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, Boise Cascade Home Office, Floor Plan, Boise, Idaho / Loro Jongrang Prambanan, Plan / James Stirling, Low Cost Housing, Floor Plan, Basic Four House Clusters, Lima, Peru, 1969 / Mies van der Rohe, Sketch for a Concert Hall, Project, 1942

Sebastiano Serlio, Château d'Ancy-le-Franc, Plan, France, 1544-1550 / Egyptian Labyrinth, Plan / Pyramid of the Niches, Plan, El Tajin / Johannes Duiker, Open Air School, Plan, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1930 -1932 / Harry Weese, Village Hall, Floor Plan, Oak Park, Illinois, 1971-1974

I know meet and greet is a perk, and I know all time low doesn’t HAVE to give us one, but the way it’s being set up sucks. It’s a glorified signing, in which you say hi, take a picture, and then leave. I don’t see how it’s more “one on one” as Alex put, when you don’t get to have actual conversations with them… idk. Maybe we’re over reacting, but I just think the old way of doing things was SO much better.


Ex-Aid and Kyuranger Summer movie trailers.

Final Form Ranger! G-G-G-Garu!

VRX Creator seems to double as a reference to Scribblenauts!

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Can we get a scenario with Dark!Giotto being protective over his SO? Like make it as dark as you want, I can't wait to see what ya'll come up with. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ Happy Halloween btw~!

// Not sure when you’ll see this anon, but Happy Halloween!!! Hope you had a safe, happy, and fun one! //

~Admin Reborn~

The sound of someone coughing echoed down the hallway. You wondered who it was, yet the throbbing in your head couldn’t let you think straight. Who is it?

Another cough sounded out. With a start you realized it was you who was coughing. Snippets of the events that occurred just moments before replayed in your mind.

The Vongola gardener… touching you… moving his hands up and down your legs… up you sides… your chest… suddenly…

Just like that he had clasped his hand around your neck. Because you had kept turning your head in order to avoid his sloppy kiss. In a fit of anger he had almost killed you, but the sound of voices had saved you. Letting you go, he had fled, and you had scurried into the safety of the hallway.

Now however, you longed for fresh air. Stepping out into the darkness, the cool breeze felt good against your bruised skin. Taking a deep breath, you tried your best to slow down your fast, beating heart. You would have to tell Giotto about this. No doubt he would get angry at him, but unlike the other mafia leaders, he would not hurt the gardener. Yes, no doubt he would be kicked out of the luxurious mansion, but he had always been a kind and gentle man up until now, and Giotto would probably keep that in mind. “He has to,” you whispered. Giotto wasn’t a wild beats like all the other leaders.

A shrill scream broke into your thoughts. Fearfully, you whirled around, trying to locate the source. Another one followed soon after. You glanced to your right. Just like you suspected, it had come from the wine cellar. It had recently been built and even though you had wanted to check it out, Giotto had gently assured you that it was still pretty dirty and he didn’t want you to get sick. That had been enough to keep you out, but now, your curious mind got the best of you.

The lock on the cellar doors had been removed, and you could see a faint light reflecting off the smooth walls. Quietly you made your way down the wooden stairs. This time a groan followed by a popping sound echoed. A voice called out, however, this time it was something you recognized. It was G!

Peering around the corner, you saw the unmistakable form of G. In front of him was another form you recognized. The gardener. Except he was in the last way you expected him to be in.

With his hand tied up in chains, blood ran down his face, all the while he was panting and gasping for air. G held a small black device in his hand, surrounded by other subordinates. He pressed a button on said device, and some blue sparks emitted out of it. An electric shocker? The thought made chills run up and down your spine.

G cleared his throat. “Again, tell us, did you or did you not touch [Name]?”

“I did not, I swear I did not!” The gardener’s voice was still coming strong despite the clear evidence of torture.

G pursed his lip, then started to bring the device down to the man’s body. Before he could however, you quickly jumped out of your hiding place. “Stop!” you screamed. All eyes turned to you. Before anyone could speak, you cried out, “What the hell is going on?”

G sighed. “What are you doing here?”

You ignored him. “Why are you doing this G? If Giotto found out–”

That seemed to strike a nerve in Vongola’s Storm Guardian. “What does it look like? I’m teaching this sorry bastard a lesson.” He glared at the tied up gardener. “Don’t even think about defending him. We all know what he did to you.”

Tears were starting to blind your vision. “But still, he doesn’t deserve such treatment. You could kill him!” You started to back away, desperately looking for that first step of the stairs. “Giotto wouldn’t agree to this. He’s not like you–”

“I’m afraid you’re wrong, [Name].” The voice came from behind you. You didn’t even have to turn around to see who it was.

Giotto stepped in front of you. “G is only acting upon my orders. Meaning, that  I ordered for this.“ He gestured to the bloody gardener.

The tears were flowing freely down your cheeks now. “But Giotto–”

He held a hand up for silence. “I’m sorry [Name], but I’m only protecting you. And for that, I am willing to do anything.” He didn’t have to spell out what “anything” meant. You could tell by the murderous look in his once warm eyes.