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[Clarification] YG’s New Survival Program is NOT for their own Trainees + New Variety Shows for WINNER, iKON & BLACKPINK

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The past few days there has been rumors circulating the web that YG Entertainment has a new “WIN: WHO IS NEXT” / “MIX & MATCH” styled survival program for YG’s male trainees. While there has been much pushback on another program to create a new YG boy band since YG already has three young groups, the company has offically responded that there has been a massive misunderstanding.

It appears that YG’s upcoming survival program is for unknown rookie idols who are NOT a part of YG Entertainment. YG CEO Yang Hyun Suk, free from his K-POP STAR judging duties, will be collaborating with Mnet “Show Me The Money”’s PD Han Dong Chul, to make a “PRODUCE 101”-style program featuring YG’s training system.

For more information on this show’s format and YG’s upcoming variety shows, keep reading.

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Top K-Pop star IU is back with “Palette” MV ft. King of K-Pop BIGBANG’s G-DRAGON!

Do you love this all-kill alternative-pop ballad?

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I just found your blog because I've recently gotten hooked on Kpop, and was looking for info on racism in Kpop and I just wanted to say thanks! Your posts have really helped me understand cultural appropriation, and racism in Korea.

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Okay but like why is it that every time BIGBANG has a comeback, people who like other groups got to pop up and try and start something? The fact that you newer fans get so mad when people call them kings of kpop is so funny because BIGBANG is a second generation kpop group. Kpop wasn’t as big back then like it is now. Literally on BIGBANG’s wiki page it says that they have been labeled as kings and they have had a strong impact on kpop. The reason why they are labeled as ‘kings’ isn’t to start fights or make other groups seem less important. BIGBANG has been here YEARS longer than new groups and that label as kings means something. They’re a second generation group that made it big. Back then, you never heard SHINee’s fans or Super Junior’s fans fighting because of this. Everyone knows how BIGBANG gained that title YEARS ago. Stop picking fights over something like this. Just because you don’t like BIGBANG doesn’t mean you have to say things about them.

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do you see differently when your eyes change colors? some predators can see in infrared, but I'm not sure how useful it'd be for something like you

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Upcoming Release

“The Black Label” artist Zion.T will be dropping his NEW ALBUM titled ‘00’ on February 1, 2017. This seven track album features G-DRAGON and BEENZINO!

Track list:

  1. 영화관 (Movie Theatre)
  2. 노래 (Song)
  4. 미안해 (I’m Sorry) (ft. BEENZINO)
  5. 나쁜 놈들 (Bad Guys)
  7. 바람 (Wind) [2015]
  8. 영화관 (Movie Theatre) (Inst.)