g enitalia


{ If you reblog explicit, 18+ gifs, it is now very probable that I will unfollow you out of my own comfort. The majority of my time on tumblr is actually spent on my phone while at school, and having p//orn pop up onto my screen not only induces a mini-panic, but if a professor would happen to just be walking over my shoulder I’d be in huge trouble.

So please don’t take it personally if I unfollow you for this down the road. You are free to reblog whatever you like, just as much as I am allowed to unfollow people due to being uncomfortable with the content.

I’d like to clarify that PG-13 gifs that are more ‘artsy’ rather than explicit are acceptable. Basically if it can be aired on television then it’s fine, but I really don’t need straight up p//orn with g//enitalia on my phone at school.

Thanks for understanding! }