g dragon feeling


061001 >>> 170115 

To your first and last group stage performance (yet), thank you for pouring your heart and soul. Through the times you have thrived and shed tears, thank you for not giving up. Continue believing in the flare and passion all of you have inside your hearts. You are more than just a boy group, you have surpassed to another level of artistry. 

Bigbang will always be THE omnipotent and unparalleled kings of kpop music who continues to reinvent themselves every iconic comeback.

How things probably happened
  • Seungri tipsy on champagne: *walks up to GD from across the room, leans his arm against the wall next to GD*
  • Seungri: I think we've met before. I'm close with Bigbang's Seungri you know.
  • GD: *stares in confusion* WTF
  • Seungri: Wanna give me your number so we can have a drink sometime? *winks*
  • GD: *facepalms*

screenshot redraw from episode one!!!!!!!!!!! i had to do it, spike and rainbow are 2 of my big faves ^o^! (also this is just like, the cutest screenshot ever… they dont even know each other yet and theyre already in a pile of goofiness?)


you boys♡ (≧∇≦)


jiyong and his precious laugh (●´□`)♡