g d bless america

anonymous asked:

Half of the Democrats funding comes from Jews. America would be better without Jews.

Half? Wow. That’s impressive. America would be better without Jews…hm..let’s explore that a bit shall we. 

 Say good-bye to Comic Books, I hope you’re not a Superman or Captain America fan. Siegal, Shuster, Simon and Kirby…all Jews, so is Martin Goodman and Stan Lee, and Brian Michael Bendis, and Alen Heinberg and so many others past and present comic book writers and artists. 

Speaking of America, anyone remember Haym Salomon? Here’s a clue. He’s one of the reasons the Revolutionary army actually had money.  

And don’t you dare think about G-d Bless America, a song written by…Irving Berlin…who was, le gasp, Jewish.

Dr. Gertrude B. Elion, first to develop chemotherapy as a way to treat Leukemia. 

The poem at the Statue of Liberty…also written by a Jewish woman, Emma Lazarus.

Uriah P. Levy served in the Navy during the War of 1812, and his family is responsible for the preservation of Monticello. 

Polio Vaccine, a Jewish guy did that too. 

Levi Strausse, JEANS!!

The barbie, the Teddy Bear, were also created by Jews.

Gosh, you’re right, America would be so much better without Jews. Thanks for your totally original insight.