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peter pan modern au: the crocodile & the pirates

a huntress and her dangerous prey

“there are a lot of ‘em,” slightly says, of the kidnappers. “at least,” — he pauses, thinking — “ten.”

smee, alf, starkey, cookson, bill…” nibs reels off, keeping count on his fingers.

curly cuts in: “cecco, mullins, chay — and…”

hook,” say all three, their voices harmonising ominously. 

“try to keep on their good side, if you can,” slightly advises wendy. “’specially smee. he’s the worst.” his hand drifts to his shoulder, fingers probing at an injury hidden beneath his t-shirt.

instinctively wendy looks up at the house. a shadow flickers in one of the windows: the elusive hook?

“he rarely leaves his room, these days,” pan says, following wendy’s gaze. “it’s crocodile - he thinks she’s tracked him down at long last.”

“what do you think?”

“i think that if a woman chopped my hand off, i’d still be wary, ten years later.”

Imagine G-Eazy

Imagine cooking with Gerald(I can!!)

You turn on the stove and watch the blue blaze appear within seconds. First time you been able to cook a meal for weeks. You sit the pot of water on the stove and begin to drop eggs in it. Your pretty sure he would like four of them. You make your way over to fridge and look up. Of course the bread is sitting on the top. You stand on your tip toes and try to reach for it. Sadly your height isn’t really an advantage right now. You suddenly feel someone’s hands grab your waist and lift you up. You smile and quickly reach for the bread before they sit you down.
“THANK YOU”, you sing turning to Gerald. He smiles and spins you in a little circle.
“No problem short stuff”, he says and bites his lip.
“Do you wanna help with breakfast”, you ask dangling the loaf of bread between your fingers.
“Actually you see making breakfast isn’t really my thing-” You place your finger on his lips and replace it with a kiss. You run your hand down his chest and stop above his waist. Second later you pull away.
“What were you saying”, you whisper.
“That I am actually going to help you make breakfast. You know girl.” You laugh and sit the bread on the counter.
“You can start with the toast”, you say. He rubs his hands together and winks at you.
“What do I do now?” You sigh and take out a glass pan.
“Right…. thanks bae.” You shake your head and start on the bacon. You grab the olive oil and pour a little into the pan. It begins to sizzle and that when you drop two pieces of bacon in the it. The oven door closes with a loud bang and you jump.
“Shit”, you yell.
“Baby chill. It’s just the oven door. Slipped from my fingers”, Gerald explains.

g o t 7 : cooking

you can find the start of my master list here :)

warnings: -
words: only 342 lol

제이비 J A E B U M
- avoids cooking at all costs
- always impatient with how long every step takes
- never really cooks anything properly
- will give his masterpiece to his hyungs

마크 M A R K
- confused as to why he owns a chef hat
- also owns a cookbook for children
- doesn’t have the right ingredients so he’ll practically use anything
- creates so many dirty dishes but will make the maknae clean up
- amazed at himself when he manages to put instant noodles in the pan successfully

잭슨 J A C K S O N
- would weigh out all the ingredients before starting
- everything is oRGANIC
- will use chopsticks as drumsticks whilst the food is cooking
- does cooking like his mom said so “why? because my mom said so”
cannot handle spice

진영 J I N Y O U N G
- knows what he’s doing
- will still ring him mom though for everything
- somehow uses all the pans, dishes and cutlery in the kitchen
- lets the other members try the food first just in case it’s inedible

영재 Y O U N G J A E
- sings about all the ingredients
- eats the food before he’s finished
- will make faces out of the food
- confused by all the kitchen utensils so only uses chopsticks (he’s used scissors before xD)

뱀뱀 B A M B A M
- wears the most outrageous apron to cover his designer clothes
- somehow food still ends up on his clothes
- the type of person who’d get egg shell in the mixture and leave it yanno
- he’s a king of presentation (have you seen him pipe?)

유겸 Y U G Y E O M
- “cooking? eaassssyyyyy
- uses the microwave for his culinary skills
- never prepares ready meals properly even though he actually reads the instructions
- will dance his way around the kitchen just because he’s a dance king


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shannsnicker replied to your post “Imagine how fucking high Hyde must had been to say “yes” to a “be…”

This is really really cool ! Side note in a lot of pairings one person makes the tea or the coffee and other is the caffeine fiend which one of them is which

That’s a good question, actually.

I think Hyde would be the caffeine fiend since he has problems sleeping and likes to wake up relatively late, as shown in the show. So maybe he needs his coffee to function like a normal person in the mornings.

Now, in one hand you have the fact that Jackie can’g cook for dear life and maybe she won’t know how to do coffee or won’t like to do it. I believe Jackie woudl eventually learn how to cook and do most kitchen stuff, but she’s not a big fan. 

But, headcanon time, she’s a morning person. She fuctions way better than Hyde in the mornings and she would make his coffee. At some point she would get pretty good at it to the point Hyde would wake up the second his nose smells Jackie’s coffee (even when one can argue it smells like any other coffee).

Maybe this is like the only thing she can do for sure that will taste actually good, lol.

I finished work 85 minutes ago and since then I have:

a) got a train home

b) got home

c) got half way through cooking some kind of chicken and leek mash thing because I got a special offer on hellofresh and it was hella cheap

d) thought “I’ll just open that little half bottle of wine because i never drink at home and I like that wine and I could have half now and half tomorrow”

e) drunk 7/8 of that little bottle before the food is cooked

f) eaten a lot of leeks from the bowl before the chicken had finished cooking

g) been a bit tearful over a lovely anon message that just wished nice things for me

h) wished I could write

i) wished for a hug

j) wished again for a hug

k) missed my now dead writing group

l) realised some sad things

m) had a bit more wine

n) listened to some sherlock holmes audiobook

o) achieved quite a lot in 88 minutes

p) sat here and stared into space

q) mashed some potatoes

r) wished fruitlessly for something that’s too stupid to type here because everyone else manages it okay

s) look okay it’s 6.29 and I have to stare at the oven and wait for chicken to cook

t) help

edit: u) received an email regarding someone who has the same name as me in America who is heavily involved in their local church group and who doesn’t know their own email address and who has purchased some bible books and sent the receipts to me



Papyrus Gaster

- Wants to join the police force 

- Witnessed murder; has to stay quiet or else the Big Boss will hurt family

- Still innocent but jaded from threats  

- Does not like spaghetti nor makes it

- Actually likes puns

- Timid; not as outspoken as before threat

- Thinks Metta is a good singer but isn’t number 1 fan (Is number 1 fan of Alice instead)

- Is quite social 

- Loves his family, loves Luna and the fact that she is now his sister-in-law


Brubeck “Ezra” Serif(G!Papyrus)
- Can cook SUPREMELY well

- Works at same university as Sans and Alphys

- Teaches literature and history

- Loves books, constantly goes to library were Ajax works 

- Blunt but polite

- Is nice to nice people; disrespects those he doesn’t like, don’t like him, or disrespect his friends/family(or all of the above)

- Can’t make friends easily (such is the downfall of intellectuals, sadly)

- Classy; also wears coke bottle glasses (can’t see)

- Gets flustered by compliments

- More romantic than Echo 


- State of constant anxiety for their situation 

- Can’t go without seeing brother for more than ten days

- Had to help Echo with injuries constantly

- Went to school but still worried for brother

- Argued A LOT

- Situation improves immensely


2 tbsp olive oil ~ 2-3 tsp cumin seeds ~ 2 tsp ground coriander ~ 2 cloves garlic, peeled and finely chopped ~ 1 large brown or Spanish onion, peeled, diced into 5 mm cubes ~ ½ tsp dried chilli flakes ~ 425 g tin tuna in oil, drained thoroughly and flaked ~ 1 cup (185 g) cooked jasmine or basmati rice ~ 2-3 medium vine-ripened tomatoes, diced into 1 cm cubes ~ ⅓ cup chopped coriander, including stalks ~ ⅓ cup chopped mint leaves ~ ⅓ cup chopped parsley ~ light soy sauce, to taste

Assemble and enjoy.


PC Music Dead Or Alive Stream - Evil Data, Lipgloss Sins, Ghoulfriend Of The Year, Thy Slaughter, Danny Skel’ Harle, Spine, A. G. Spook, Death Sim, Kane Ghost - Halloween 2014