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male figures in music

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Gerald Gillum “G-Eazy”

Dating would include:

∙ Stealing his leather jackets 

∙ Going out to restaurants a lot 

∙ Fans being supportive of you guys 

∙ Having a close relationship with his mom  

∙ Kissing on the side of buildings 

∙ His soft lips on your neck 

∙ Going on tour with him 

∙ Being a great help in the band  

∙ Having a movie night watching movies from the 50′s 

∙ Him nipping at your nose 

∙ Thrifting / Shopping together 

∙ Being there for him after a hang over 

∙ Celebrating his rise

∙ Songs about you 

∙ Him being supportive of what you want to do / do 

∙ And vise versa 

∙ Sipping on whiskey neats together by a fire on a cold day 

∙ Him cupping your face a lot 

∙ Lots of eye contact 


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