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anonymous asked:

How do you feel about what is currently happening in Venezuela? I heard that a new communist dictatorship might be in power but am not sure how trustworthy any information about this is.

I think the sources on the effects of the last decade on Venezuela’s economic situation seem pretty reliable - that is, they are using statistics that existed long before the crisis, the statistics paint a consistent picture, that picture matches what I’ve seen written by people currently living there, and I haven’t seen them seriously contested. So, yeah, it looks like the last few socialist/communist governments of Venezuela have been steadily consolidating power by murder where necessary, have destroyed the country’s health system, access to food, and access to necessities, and are tightening their dictatorial death grip on the country they steered off a cliff. 

The leftists I’ve seen defending this seem to fall back to ‘well, it’s this or allowing U.S. imperialism and U.S. imperialism is even worse’, but I find this amazingly callous and horrible - if the best alternative your ideology can offer to U.S. imperialism is ‘wait in line for ten hours for inadequate amounts of basic necessities, sham elections where even though people are shot for not voting turnout is basically nothing, massive human rights catastrophe and desperate poverty for everyone’, then your ideology is terrible and should die. And the thing is, I do not actually think that that is the best alternative the left can offer - so for the love of g-d offer a better one, instead of doubling down on the insistence that this is all you’ve got!