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The Shoebox House, Part 2

Let’s find out together!

September and Saturday are pretty happy about their new house so far and feel excited to finally explore it.

First they test out the new kitchen - living room combo, which they seem to find very comfy.

Yes September, those are real gemstones on the shelf.

I thought you might appreciate these sticky notes and pencil nubs. They weren’t made specifically for a doll house, and yet they’re perfect for your size.

This shell has such a gentle curve to it that it just offered itself as a seat. Is it comfortable?

Yes? I’m glad.

Even better than that is the beach chair though. Well, it is made from cloth, so of course it’s softer.

It’s nice that you found a way to share it, you two.

And even nicer that you can take turns.

But what is September doing?

I see! Time to go upstairs, huh?

I’m glad you like the slightly modified versions of your beds.

I chose art and lifestyle magazines for you, Saturday, and some interior decorating ones. It seemed like something you would like.

Do you like having your own copy of Harry Potter? The other book is about skeletons, I think.

From the way they keep talking excitedly about their new home, I think it’s safe to say that living in a shoebox will be very enjoyable for these two.

They just won’t stop.

…or at least, they won’t until it’s time to sleep.

Sweet dreams, you two.

The Shoebox House, Part 1

You’re certainly not the only one. September and Saturday were going stir-crazy over the past week because they wanted to see their new house so much. It’s time to reveal the result to them!

So. I know it has taken a while. But I finally finished building the Shoebox House for you two.

Let’s see if you like it…



You like it? I’m glad to hear that.

Well, let’s look at the details a little.

I chose a beach or holiday theme for the house. So for the inside of the lid, I printed out a beach wallpaper, added some stamps for a holiday flair, and put a miniature beach chair in front of it. The ladder gives access to the second floor. I leaned it against the lid instead of attaching it against the floor inside so it wouldn’t obstruct the rooms.

If we travel together more, maybe we can add more stamps to this lid.

The first floor has a little table made of wood with two yarn spool chairs, a shell to lounge around in, and several shelves with decorations. Pencil nubs and a tiny notepad give September and Saturday the chance to write memos.

For the wall decoration, I chose another stamp with a maritime theme, two buttons, dried flowers with deco tape, a self-made basket and a skeleton picture.

I took into account that September prefers self-built and scavenged things, while Saturday doesn’t mind the occasional miniature object, so I added both to the house.

Then there’s the upper room, Saturday and September’s bedroom. The beds are still sponges, but I sewed a new white mattress cover and two pillows and altered the blankets a little. On the bedside table is the part of a wristwatch that fell irreparably off its wristband, which the small ones can now use as a clock. There’s also a pin depicting Papyrus, because September thinks he’s cool. 

I printed out some small books for September and Saturday so they can have an easier time reading. For September, I folded origami boxes to use as bookshelves and added a tiny shell and a white chess pawn as decorations on top. Saturday’s shelf is made of cardboard and has a black pawn and a tiny flowerpot next to their magazines. 

I’m sure it will be very exciting to explore the house…




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