g 35th


Gundam: G no Reconguista (Gundam: Reconguista in G) first trailer!

Let my words reach out to you Gundam community.

With the recent advent of barns n noble going to be stocking gunpla on a large scale. And the ease of the anime becoming available to the west as fast as the east, we have the field set for america to embrace Gundam again.
Toonami has taken constant requests for Gundam from old fans and new ones.

So what I ask is l, that in order to support Gundam if you can please obtain Gundam through these available resources.

Show america we want Gundam on our shores again, buy gunpla from amazon, barns n noble, message Toonami, watch the videos provided online by the official Gundam channels hosting.

Please let your voice ring out to make obtaining Gundam easier in the west and bring it to the world.