g 2 .38

five things tag!

thank you so much to @studytune and @liustudies for tagging me!

five things you’ll find in my bag

  • phone
  • bullet journal
  • phone charger
  • pilot g-2 0.38 pen
  • survival kit (advil, pads, tampons, hairbands, etc.)

five things you’ll find in my bedroom

  • computer (unless i’ve taken it with me)
  • instax mini 8 camera
  • too many books
  • ukulele
  • stuffed penguins

five things i’m currently into

  • josh record (super cool small indie artist!)
  • writing down song lyrics that i love
  • swimming constantly
  • bullet journaling
  • playing the uke

five things i’ve always wanted to do

  • kiss a girl
  • live in a big city
  • travel the world
  • go to as many concerts as humanly possible
  • find happiness (ooh deep)

five things on my to-do list

  • clean up my room
  • tidy closet
  • find out more about the PSAT
  • learn basic chemistry via khan academy
  • swim practice

i tag @sunlightstudys @study-corner @mind-universe @estudianding and @cjm-otstudies !!!