g 2 .38

7/100 days of productivity
today i started my ap lang summer assignment and wow making sixty flashcards takes a lot longer than I thought I would

also if anyone knows how to get brighter pictures please message me and let me know!!! I feel like mine are so dark haha

aaannnddd i’m using the pilot g-2 .38 pen and it is v good, highly recommend

Tankers of the Wehrmacht exhibit tanks “Panther” and Pz.Kpfw. V Ausf. G Hungarian reserve officers in the training center of the Hungarian army in Esztergom-tábor (Esztergom-Tábor). In the background are: Hungarian ZSU 40M “Nimrod” (40M Nimród), Czechoslovak light tank LТ-38, the Hungarian medium tank 41M (Turán II), the Hungarian medium tank 40M (Turán I) and Hungarian light tank 38M (Toldi).


i have just ended my third day of school and i am already drowning in notes to take hahahaha

anyway , thought i’d share my new things for school.

2 staples college ruled notebooks
Pilot G-2 .38 mm black gel pens
Uniball Signo .38 mm black gel pens
post its
black ticonderoga pencils
XXL black Moleskine cahirs
Mildliners in grey and golden yellow
Zebra Sarasa black .30 mm gel pen
mini hi polymer eraser

all of my classes are really interesting. I’m especially excited for philosophy and geography bc not only are the subjects extensive and cool but my profs seem really upbeat and helpful and nice and i can’t wait lol