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The high school tag. Has it been updated lately? On the Tumblr app here, it doesn’t show 😥

yeah you have to use a browser and go to our page to see

This Counts, Right? by we_are_the_story (1/1 | 2,480 | PG13)

Block-lettered versions of the first words your soulmate will say to you are outlined in black when you are born, or your soulmate is born, and are consequently filled in within a minute of the first meet.

Stiles doesn’t think, “You’re going down, 24,” can constitute as a friendly conversation, or a nice, normal beginning, but Stiles never really cared. And he got a lucky number out of it, so that should mean something, right? The only thing is that a number generally means a sport, and he and sports had always had a mutual hatred for one another. But Stiles would never let something as trivial as a disagreement get in the way of being a good friend, so when Scott joined the lacrosse team at school, Stiles did too, took 24 as his number and didn’t expect anything else.

But then it happened. And it was simultaneously worse and better than he could have ever expected.

Or: too many people are injured during a lacrosse game against their rival team and Stiles must step in, only to unexpectedly help ensure a win. Stiles still doesn’t really understand.

How to (not) Woo a Nerd by beatlesgrl (1/1 | 1,730 | PG13)

He can’t help it if he sounds pissed off all the time. His mom told him it was just the way his voice was, that there was nothing to be ashamed about, that the right people would know he was actually a sweetheart and love him. Problem was, Stiles Stilinski wasn’t one of those people.

Five Little Pumpkins by gremlins-came-and-got-me (Scared_Beings_in_the_Dark) (1/1 | 1,930 | G)

Distracted by a car turning onto their driveway, Derek didn’t notice Stiles sneaking up on him until he upended the cup of paint-water all over his head.

“Oops,” Stiles said, grinning smugly.

“That was not an ‘oops,’” Derek told him, stripping out of his soaked shirt and using it to mop at the mess in his hair.

The Kind of Eyes That Drive Wolves Mad by CosmoKid (1/1 | 4,875 | PG13)

Stiles is finally being invited to his first high school party alongside Scott. It would be cool if it wasn’t a Halloween party and if he hadn’t agreed that Lydia could choose his costume.

Granted, when he’d agreed to it, he had reason to. Lydia is good at costumes so his decision was a good decision.

Or it was until Lydia announced he would be going as Little Red Riding Hood two hours before the party starts so he has no choice but to either go as Little Red Riding Hood, go as Stiles Stilinski or not go. And this is his first ever high school party, he can’t not go and he is not going to be the spoilsport that doesn’t dress up, which is why he’s currently sat on some knackered sofa in a barn dressed as Little Red Riding Hood.

Or in which Lydia dresses Stiles up as Little Red Riding Hood for a Halloween Party so he matches with Derek’s werewolf costume.

some bomb ass study music
  • sorry - halsey
  • let it go - james bay
  • tenerife sea - ed sheeran
  • simple as this - jake bugg
  • oblivion - indians
  • without words - ray lamontagne
  • cellophane - sia
  • i see the light - tangled
  • lostmyhead - the 1975
  • unsteady (erich lee gravity remix) - x ambassadors
  • half the man - rozzi crane
  • meet me in the hallway - harry styles
  • down - marian hill
  • bloodstream - the chainsmokers
  • rose gold - pentatonix
  • cruz - christina aguilera
  • suite for solo cello no. 1 in g major - yo-yo ma
  • the scientist - coldplay
  • skinny love - birdy
  • urn - childish gambino
  • the long grift - hedwig and the angry inch
  • two ghosts - harry styles
  • eye of the needle - sia
  • november has come - gorillaz
  • xo - john mayer
  • almost - dnce
  • if i believe you - the 1975
  • non, je ne regrette rien - edith piaf
  • blood theme - dexter
  • kiss me - ed sheeran
  • one - ed sheeran
  • magic - coldplay
  • somewhere over the rainbow - israel kamakawiwo’ole
  • heathen - colouring
  • skyscraper - demi lovato
  • lose it - oh wonder
  • burn the pages - sia
  • i’m in here - sia
  • the wave - colouring
  • last living souls - gorillaz
  • long way down - tom odell
  • tee shirt - birdy
  • beside you - 5 seconds of summer
  • footprints - sia
  • heartbreak warfare - john mayer
  • nocturnes, op. 9: no. 2 in e-flat major - chopin
  • all i want - kodaline
  • all alone - gorillaz
  • from the dining table - harry styles
  • everything has grown - colouring
  • an encounter - the 1975
  • drive - halsey
  • i miss you - blink-182
  • photograph - ed sheeran
  • all we do - oh wonder
  • trouble (stripped) - halsey
  • not about angels - birdy
  • young god - halsey

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