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*crying* I just…I really love Russian culture.

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Roman is definitely very full of himself. I tried getting the matryoshka to look like him, but at the same time have that Russian feel to it, you know?

Пока пока!

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I kinda want more soft concerned giants

I keep thinking about giants who are aware of their destructive capabilities and are as gentle as they could possibly be becausr of that, sometimes even too gentle. Giants who somehow stumble upon tinies even though they actively seeked out a place as far from tiny societies as possible so they don’t accidentally hurt anyone. Giants who act super concerned about the tiny, asking if they’re hurt and trying to reassure them that they don’t want to hurt them and there’s no need to be scared. When a giant has their face close up to the tiny so they can see them better, giving them that concerned look. There’s something wonderful about a giant looking at a tiny that close up. Maybe even the giant still being insecure about themselves, worrying that the tiny thinks their scary or that they’d hurt them and the tiny reassuring them. The tiny getting close to them and placing a hand against their cheek or nose or putting their forehead again the giant’s. Just really close moments between concerned giants and tinies


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I love vld because all the characters are so well rounded and well developed, each with their own struggles and goals. It's pretty rare to see such intricate characters in cartoons, and they go through such great development too. The fandom sucks a lot of the time, always jumping at everyone's throats over the smallest things and encouraging one-dimensional interpretations of the characters, but the show itself is incredibly good and that's why I'm still such a big fan.

YES!!!!!!! Yes me too omg!!!! :D I really really love how alive these characters feel - their struggles and developments are relatable, their interactions with other people feel real. Vld is veeeeeery plot orientated (which is why we’re missing out on a lot of team bonding time) but we still know random little details about the characters - Allura liking sparkly things, Lance remembering the taglines of his favorite movies, Hunk knowing road games to pass time. It’s amazing and I love it with all my heart!!