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IU shyly complimenting GD (in English) @ his concert in Taiwan ±
I want to congratulate you for having this fabulous concert. You traveled through twenty nine cities, and touring so much isn’t easy. But you finally, perfectly, DID IT!!~~ yay”

summary of hyyh the notes
  • jin got into a fight with taehyung
  • namjoon tried to stop taehyung from retaliating
  • jin punched taehyung 
  • taehyung ran out and couldn’t be found
  • jin found ot7 pic of them all smiling
  • the seven of them haven’t contacted each other after That night
  • hoseok was the one to tell seokjin that
  • “hyung, jungkook was in a car accident”
ranking fruit names (german)

selected fruits (bc they have the more german-german names, u know, not a… basically generic name like kiwi etc):
Apfel, Birne, Pfirsich, Banane, Erdbeere, Johannisbeere, Pflaume, Dattel, Himbeere, Ananas, Trauben, Limette, Zitrone, Orange/Apfelsine

i rank the name not the taste! 

Apfel (apple): very basic name, not at all fancy but the “pf” is a nice touch. i give it…. a 3.8/10

Birne (pear): a good name! used in various phrases as well, eg: “sich die Birne anschlagen” (to hit ya head), “Glühbirne” (lightbulb), i give it 5.9/10, a good name for a pear shaped fruit

Pfirsich (peach): Pfirsich, or as the southern would call it: Pfirschig. quite tricky with the “s” and the “ch”, gives the whole name an air of fanciness. 7.5/10

Banane (banana): BORING! 1/10

Erdbeere (strawberry): an earth berry? no thankx, eat ya own dirt, 1.2/10

Johannisbeere (currant): whomst is this Johannis and how do i meet him? 6/10

Pflaume (plum): the most wholesome name!!!!! tbh!!!! Pflaume sound so round. so juicy. 10/10. famous namebearers: Kai Pflaume

Dattel (date): i do not like the name of this fruit :/ Dattel…. not a good name. not a good name. at most a 2/10

Himbeere (raspberry): who is HE, who is HIM? anti feminist icon Himbeere 0/10

Ananas (pineapple): a nice name. has produced this 1 iconic joke: 
Was wird aus Anna im Regen? (What becometh of Anna in the Raineth?)
–> Ananas aka Anna nass (Anna wet)
iconic, 10/10

Trauben (grapes): 1 grape is not 1 Traube. 1 grape is 1 Weinbeere. 1 Traube is 1 whole buncha grapes. but the word Trauben? i like it, 7.7/10

Limette (lime): a good fucking name! fancy! i give Limette a wholesome 10/10 and on the fancy scala a 6/10

Zitrone (lemon): those yellow fuckers. theyre like bananas but evil. the name is nice tho, i really enjoy the “Z” because it makes it fancy. a wholesome 8/10

Orange/Apfelsine (orange): technically, a basic name. Orange. but Apfelsine? which basically (is dutch i think????? dont quote) means Apfel aus China (apple from china) and that gives the thing a whole other dimension tbh, 7.9/10

Dengeki G’s Magazine Aqours Diary

If you see any mistakes, please let me know :)

No, I definitely can’t, but… 

*criescriescriescries *

Aaaah geez! I really hate it! 

To have a such a weakness for animals and children. 
Even though I call myself a demon.
My nose is getting clogged 

These definitely aren’t tears ok?
Don’t misunderstand! 

 This is just…just water coming out of my eyes.
It’s definitely just the rain, the rain!
This big rain… 

Inside this big rain….
This kitty was thrown away, all by itself.


It’s too sad!
No matter how much of a little demon I am, I can’t leave it alone! 

This kitty is definitely my companion, a cat from hell to be my familiar…. If I say that, it’s ok to take it home, right? 

Hey, you…want to come home with me?
My luck is pretty bad, so it might not be such a good idea.
But, if it’s fine with you… I think I have some dried fish around. But, if you ate it, would you be able to move?
Anyway, I’m not taking you with me because you I feel bad for you, just as a demon, I’m going to raise you up as my familiar, ok? 

Dengeki G’s Magazine OUR PRIVATE LIFE

If you see any mistakes please point them out to me! :D
**I’m not sure about this part

I-I’m sorry
I…what should I do?
I think my heart is racing <3

Ah, I-I’m sorry
Did I spill something?

Oh no—-
How embarrassing

What do I do?
It’s so childish…
Not being able to eat soft serve ice cream properly

But…I’ve always been like.
I’m not very good at eating cold things
Because I eat them so slowly, my popsicles would always melt midway—I’d take a bite, and it’ll fall on the ground, and I’d be so sad—.
Well, it was more around elementary school, that I’d drop my ice cream every time.

**It’s so embarrasing being exposed like this—.
…well, a-ahaha <3
Does it sound like an excuse?

Ah, yeah—.
Thanks <3
You’re right.

I don’t have to put so much effort into explaining—.
Right now, only Kanan-chan is watching
So I don’t need to be embarrased…right? <3

You’re right <3

But, well—
What do I do?

Being stared at with such kind eyes—
My heart will start beating too fast <3

Kanan-chan—-she’s always so nice.
When she’s with Chika-chan too. She always seems like a big sister

Sometimes I wonder, if I really had a big sister,
Would it feel like this?

A kind big sister—.
It’d be nice to have one <3

Ah, but—if my big sister were like this,
My heart would definitely be racing every day—.
That would be a bit of a problem—maybe <3