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it’s so hilarious that all of us who don’t speak Korean always watch the videos smiling and laughing without any clue of what they’re saying 😂


Okay Howard Stern, are you finished?


gwacheon civic center fansign ♡ 160605

(fan pov: i was trembling the moment i came up onto stage.)
fan: hello. i’m really nervous so let’s do this while smelling a good scent. (fan pov: i brought with me this lemon verbena kind of mist and spraying it in the air.)
jonghyun: it seems like it has an aromatic scent?
fan: oh? this has a grapefruit scent though? it’s not (coming out)? (sprays again) but…, can you please draw me charmander?
jonghyun: i’m really good at drawing charmander. (* with that, he began drawing, starting with the hairline.)
fan: yesterday, you did charmander - …
jonghyun: concentrating, hm.
fan: (speaking quietly) … an artist.
jonghyun: the rest … you draw it yourself.
fan: (laughs) but, oppa …, for me to not be shaking when seeing you …, for how long should i feel seeing you?
jonghyun: me? you’ll be trembling even if you see my your whole life.

message on album: the scent is refreshing. (source: omggminho via 893143_)


i wasn’t really considering gaster since he’s a difficult character to portray I think. But then I figured HEY!! All novelas have a priest right??? We NEED to insert that religion someWHERE!!!!
Who else is Sin going to talk to about his issues????

g:  ..conceived without sin,  tell me, son, what has happened?
s: i slept with a goat.

g: get out.

If I were to talk about my slump when it came to music, there were times when, even with a lot of effort, it wouldn’t turn out well. In the past, even after coming back from a long, tiring day, I would write at least two songs at the dorm before I slept as if it were my duty. Last year, however, things just weren’t working out for me so the album kept getting delayed. I’m also not the type who writes songs just for the sake of it. Because of that, the CEO was worried last year; I used to do things so easily, but now the album just kept getting delayed.

What I’ve realized through this promotion was that BIGBANG has to continue with all five members. I messaged the members saying, ‘We really need to release an album,’ and sent one to the CEO saying, ‘If the company creates the space for all the members to work together, I think we will be able to do it.’ From the end of last year to the beginning of this year, we all worked together in the studio. I took out all the songs that I had made in the past three years. This single is filled with songs that we’ve worked on these past two to three months.

People who work in the music field all say that they have a ‘muse.’ For me, I think my members are my muse. If I think about who I work for, it has always been the members. This is how I got out of my slump.

—  G-Dragon (Asia Today; May 2015)