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♫ Spies are forever, it’s a musical…
it’s about spies… ♫

The Tin Can Brothers are writing an original comedy musical and they need your help! They have an amazing cast so far, and with Talkfine in charge of the music, you can rest assured the outcome will be nothing short of incredible.

“Ok but how do I help?”

Donate to their kickstarterThe rewards include access to a recording of the show, unique behind-the-scenes photos and notes, one of a kind polaroid pictures, t-shirts, socks, your very own spy mission to undertake (complete with a spy certificate), private meet&greet (or g+ hangout) with cast&crew, and even a personalized song written for you by Talkfine themselves! 

And if you can’t donate, please share it with your friends, family and on all social media! Everything helps!

Big news!

Error smiled brightly as he was seen with his camera phone on. “Anyway, sorry I haven’t been around as much today, guys. I know it’s been worrying for you but I was just avoiding touching my blog to spend time with everyone. Sooo recap for today. Orange is still recovering from everything. G and a couple of Royal Guards managed to deal with that. And then Chara, now known as Flora, has also been dealt with as well and is now a nice decoration in the Studiotale hangout or G’s room. Whoever finds her first. Finally, Blueberry and I got some news for everyone…”

He smiles, moving in so Blue’s partly in the shot. “Should I tell them or you tell them?”

Blue looked at the camera, eyes wide and glossy as he seemed to clutch himself almost possessively. He watched the camera and then back to Error.

“You can tell them.” he mumbled, a bright smile showing on his flushed face. Error grinned giddily as he tried to show the camera Blue. “Let ‘em see.”

Blue shifted a little where he was, slowly drawing his hand away from his belly, revealing the brilliant blue jelly like bump on his front, even pulling his shirt up ever so slightly to reveal it, pelvis and spine slightly visible beneath it.  “T….tadaaa….”

“We’re pregnant!” Error said with a giddy smile as he moved his arm around Blueberry, nuzzling him. “I know, it’s a biiiit of a story to explain how two skeletons can have kids. But magic.”

Blue squeeked at the nuzzling, leaning into him with a deeper flush to his cheeks, looking down at his belly as he just giggled a bit. “Mm…. magic… y-yep!”

“He’s a shy mommy to be. Anyway, later today, the baby will have developed enough to see whether or not it’ll be a boy or a girl. I can’t wait!”

He smiled, giving a skele-kiss on Blueberry’s cheek before he shuts off the camera.


yo if anyone wants to make rwby chars for a team with me hit me up in a message or and ask (im not on any other social media so you might not be able to reach me anywhere else u know me) ((except g hangouts or email but who tf uses those nowadays lmfao)) i’m also gonna make one more rwby char so if multiple peeps want to make we can either have one team or two separate teams \ 0 /

  also mutuals only big sorry if you don’t know me and wanted to make some chars w/ me!! im not in that socializing mood sorry sorry

“ V “

Demiromantic | Female | 17 | ENFP

Main Color - Gray Olive

Semblance - Flexibility (both situational and physical)

Occupation - Student (Beacon)

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