Guys imagine Angel Grove High School being so surprised that Kimberly Ann fucking Hart, ex-cheerleader is dating Trini. 

Some reactions are bad (most likely from the people who write on Trini’s locker and Kim’s ex-friends and the few homophobic kids) but for the most part it’s just bewildered confusion. Sure, they’ve seen Kimberly in relationships before, but not like this. Also, they all expected Jason and Kim to get together. Hell, some kids even bet on it.

They’re just so confused seeing Kimberly actually looking happy, like in Biology Kim moves to the back to sit near Trini and their desks are always close and Kimberly’s constantly finding new ways to somehow be touching Trini. (Trini pretends to be annoyed but she smiles like an idiot when Kim grabs her hand underneath their desks. 

Kim skipping class to hang out with Trini during her off period. Kim showing up to school one day in a yellow beanie and one of Trini’s yellow shirts and getting stares, but someone just mutters, “How the hell do both of them look good in yellow?” 

Kim’s ex-boyfriends starting drama and poor Kim has to pull a fuming Trini off of them. Trini gets questions like, “Are you really dating Kimberly?” And it puts her in a pissy mood, (one, it’s none of their business and two, she’s not used to all the attention) but usually Kim just swoops in and starts showing Trini off. She whips out her phone and just goes, “Guys, look at her! Isn’t she adorable?” And before Trini can say anything Kim kisses her. 

Trini’s locker no longer gets any mean notes, and Kim draws a saber-toothed tiger in the corner. (It stays there for the rest of the year) Trini also has pictures of her and Kim up in her locker because she’s just so smitten and is surprised to find that Kim has a picture of them in hers, too. 

Kim’s teachers worry for a while because her grades start slipping and they low-key think it’s Trini’s fault (her english teacher walks past them one day in the library during lunch and Trini’s trying desperately to get Kim to focus) “Kimberly Ann Hart I swear if you don’t finish this paper I won’t kiss you for a week.” 

“Did you just full name me?” 


“There’s no way you could go a week without kissing me.” 

Kim! Just do the damn paper!” 

“You’re just mad because I’m right.” 

Kim’s teacher has to hide his laugh behind his cup of coffee, and both girls get flustered as they realize that he and the librarian heard their entire conversation. 

Kim posts a picture of her and Trini on her instagram (with the caption ‘pink lemonade’) and almost the entire school likes it and that same week Trini asks Kimberly to prom in this big dramatic fashion. (Kim and Trini only show up to prom for five minutes to take photos and they go back to Kim’s house and eat pizza while watching movies all night) 

The boys always getting the biggest smile when they see Kim and Trini being happy together in the halls. 


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Zack and Trini have the same taste in girls and Zack constantly flirts with them and encourages Trini to flirt, too. It goes something like this: “Crazy girl, just go talk to her. It’s not that hard.“ 

"Zack, no she already caught us looking an-" 


“Zack, no- Get back here you little shit, I-”


friendly reminder that Harry is a beautiful person inside and out, someone who says thank you to his fans in every possible way, before and after performances, before, during and after interviews. Someone who fiercely defends his fans, especially teenage girls, without a second thought, who doesn’t even bat an eye when someone tells him that there is a ~ puke monument in his honour where he threw up once, he just smiles and jokes about it and says that it’s amazing. Harry is someone who worked his ass off to make a record he’s proud of and that he hopes that his fans will hopefully be proud of as well, he’s the guy who buys his fans pizza and kiwis and water, who takes pics with them every single damn time even when they stalk and harass the shit out of him, who records videos left and right for them, even when people literally shove the camera in his face, the guy who always thanks one direction for everything it’s given him, and thanks his current band for everything they’re giving him now, who thanks his mom and his friends, thanks everyone everytime everywhere. Just because he doesn’t say a thank you on twitter, which was often mocked for being too impersonal and sounding too robotic, it doesn’t mean he’s not grateful and blown away by all the support, because he very much clearly is.