- ̗̀Goghsyrup & Shy-aliiien Giveaway ̖́-

We have both decided to do a giveaway together!!!

There will be 3 winners!!!

The prize of the giveaway is a package filled with goodies!!

*whats inside the package*

•  English chocolate/sweets

• 2 gemstones

• A personal letter from us

An A5 Sketchpad

• 1 homemade sticker pack

• 2 homemade bookmarks

• 2 homemade postcards

• Stationary

• + more surprises !!!

*you will also get*

• A follow from both of us!

 2 new friends!

  A blog rate


•  MUST be following ME and shy-aliiien (we will check)

•  Reblog to enter, likes do not count

•  You can reblog as many times as you like (each reblog counts as an entry)

•  Don’t delete caption

•  No giveaway blogs

The 3 winners will be announced on September 28th and will be selected with a random number generator