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dear girls,

this is all of you. the feminine girls who wear dresses, the punk girls who wear leather, the tomboys with their baggy jeans, the girls who dress like it’s another decade because they like that style, and the girls who are just “normal”. the girls life is easy on, the girls that had to fight, the girls that are still fighting. the girls that read books, the girls that tackle others on the football field, the girls that are incredibly smart and the girls who show nothing but kindness. the girls that love boys, the girls that love girls, the girls that love both and more. the girls that people say aren’t girls.

i love you so much. all of you. you are beautiful- even if you don’t think you are. please don’t tear yourself down. others already do that too much. you might not be the smartest, the prettiest, the most liked, but nobody can be all of that. what a boring world that would be.

you might not love yourself, love your body, but I do.

dear girls, i hope you all have a lovely day and that you smile at least once. it looks great on you.

v (a fellow girl)

another piece of chocolate won’t kill you