BTS when another member touches their g/fs butt

BTS can be a playful group and the fact that you were dating one of them meant you grew close to them all and often got dragged into their games, not that you minded. The seven boys can also be very touchy and that also transferred to your friendships with them. So mixing playful and touchy, you get butt touching; slapping, grabs, flicks, anything to get a reaction out of you.

Hoseok (J-Hope)
Even though he is literal sunshine, he would still get annoyed when Taehyung would take it too far and grope your butt as he stood next to you at the kitchen sink. Hoseok would immediately pull you to his own body, giving Taehyung a glare.
“That was too much, Taehyung.” He’d announce sternly before taking you away.

This angel would try and act like it doesn’t bother him when the boys get touchy with you but, it would and he’d sit back, jaw tight and that delicious angry-calm expression on his face. You can bet that later though, in the ‘privacy’ of his room, he’d prove who really owns that ass. Of course, he’d make sure the bed made enough noise that his band knew the fact too.

Knows the boys mean nothing by it so so long as they’re not over the top, he doesn’t mind. He likes that you’re part of the group and gets along with them so well. All of the boys respect you so if you turn around and tell them to stop, they will and Jin has enough faith in you that you won’t allow the boys to do anything you’re not comfortable with.

ALL of the boys do it just to wind up the Golden Maknae. If Jungkook has been extra annoying or just plain extra, you can bet that one of the boys will be near you pretty quickly, hand on your butt just to see Jungkook’s tongue prodding the inside of his cheek in jealousy.
Despite you being his girlfriend, he’s the youngest, therefore, he knew he couldn’t go apeshit at whoever is touching you. You didn’t really mind either, even you had to agree Jungkook could be annoying at times and one of his hyungs grabbing your butt always put him back in his place.

Namjoon (RapMon)
To be fair, the other guys probably wouldn’t get much of a chance to get near your butt because Namjoon himself is always touching it.
On one particular day, Namjoon had his hand in your back pocket as you stood side by side watching Hoseok teach Jin a move for a showcase when suddenly another hand slid into your other pocket. You looked over to see Taehyung trying not to giggle too hard at his accomplishment, Jungkook, and Jimin off to the side giggling together. You rolled your eyes and looked up at Namjoon who had noticed too. His gaze met yours and noticing your amusement, he returned his attention to the sight before you. It was only a minute later however that he told Taehyung to get his hands off of you.

Taehyung (V)
Probably the one starting the butt slapping, let’s be real. Doesn’t actually care most of the time how his friends act with you. He’s an affectionate person anyway so he feels like it’s normal to have skinship between friends. It’s only when he’s not in a good mood, which is rare, that he doesn’t like it. He won’t say anything because he knows he’s just in a bad mood but he’ll certainly pull you away from Jungkook, stopping the “spank war” you two were in the midst of to hold your body to his so no one but him can access that booty.

Yoongi (Suga)
No-one would even try. Let’s be real. Would you try and touch the booty of his girlfriend? Nah didn’t think so.
The boys aren’t dumb, they know only one person can touch you and that’s Min Yoongi.
But, Yoongi does love egging you on to slap his members’ butts knowing how frustrated they get when they realise the culprit and the fact they can’t return the favour. Yoongi probably then grabs your butt right in front of them just to rub salt in the wound with a smirk on his lips.

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Pitch Perfect Fitzsimmons AU

Jemma Simmons  → Beca
Leo Fitz  → Jesse
Bobbi Morse  → Chloe
Daisy Johnson  → Lilly
Antoine Triplett  → Donald
Kara Palamas  → Aubrey


How to Steal a Million-Dollar Prototype by @overworkedunderwhelmed

In spite of the male-dominated academic world, Jemma Simmons has succeeded in nearly every endeavor. When the business world proves far more treacherous, she finds herself seeking help from a most unlikely source and ending up with a far better partner than she had anticipated.


“I’m tired of seeing our friends ripped apart from each other. That can’t happen to us again, I won’t let it.”

Because even when they’re facing death, it’s always better if they’re facing it together. Their souls are so intricately linked together that, even though they would sacrifice themselves so that the other can live, anytime, they can’t help their inner desire to be with one another even in the direst times.
And sure, as soon as she realized her words, Jemma corrects herself (“Actually, no, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.”) but it’s stronger than her reason. This ache for him to be near her is etched so deep in her bones that it even surpasses her sensibleness.
And Jemma Simmons is nothing if not sensible. She is the most rational, even when it comes to the people she loves (see season 2 with Skye).
Except for Fitz.

Fitz is the exception. Jemma Simmons doesn’t believe in magic, or the cosmos but she believes in them. In him. In their remarkable, almost mythical bond. When everything falls apart and even when they’re separated, she still believes in them. That they can defeat anything in order to find each other again.