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B(-1) - D - F# - B(-1) - G - F# - E - D - E - D - C#

D - F# - A - D - B - A - G - F# - G - F# - E

F# - G - A      C# - E - D - C# - D - B(-1)

G - A - B        D - G - F# - G - F# - E

C#(+1) - A - B - C#(+1) - E(+1) - D(+1) - C#(+1) - D(+1) - B

A - G - F# - E   C - D - E - D - C# - D

D - C# - B(-1) - C# - D - F# - E - D - E -  F#

A - G - F# - G - A - G# - A - B♭ - F# - E - C#

Tag five bloggers who you associate with being obsessed with something particular, and list what each of them is obsessed with.
{this is probably just gonna be me messing with a bunch of my internet pals i am so sorry for this}

@bagueddy b a g u e t t e s (i am so sorry i need to let this go) but in all seriousness probably space
@cup-of-blue a n g s t
@trash-can-so-do-i logince (let’s face it be both know how much you love logince)
@virgil-loves-princey death note or steven universe, i know you love both of them ^^
@broadwaytheanimatedseries just musicals in general? idk, you’re probably in a bunch of fandoms, but ever since i discovered your tumblr i just associated you and musicals. probably cause of your url tbh

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"It’s about making sure that Cait is not with Sam because it is a crime for an accomplished, hard working, compassionate and intelligent woman to be anyone’s partner. Let’s instead support those who are devoid of these qualities because Sam deserves everything that Cait is not. That’s how much these people adore and respect Sam." F U C K I N G B O O M

I’ll get into my shapeshifter mode now…

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The Hand that Gives the Rose (Ravana phase 1)

i tried to make this as simple as i could so i only did the melody this time ;w;

G - F - F - Eb - F - D - C
Eb - G
C(+1) - B - B - C(+1) - D(+1) - B - C(+1)
C - Eb
G - F - F - Eb - F - D - C
Eb - G
C(+1) - B - B - C(+1) - D(+1) - B - C(+1)
D(+1) - Eb(+1)
F(+1) - Eb(+1) - Eb(+1) - D(+1) - Eb(+1) - B - C(+1)
F - G#
C(+1) - B - B - C(+1) - D(+1) - B - C(+1)
Eb - G#
C(+1) - B - B - C(+1) - D(+1) - B - C(+1)
C - Eb
G - F - F - Eb - F - D - C
Eb - G
G#(+1)HOLD THIS - (Bb(+1) - G#(+1) - F(+1)) - G(+1) - G
B - D(+1)
G#(+1)HOLD AGAIN - (Bb(+1) - G#(+1) - F(+1)) - G(+1) - F#(+1) - G(+1)

Song tag

Thank you for tagging me lovely @neptuniangoddess 💫💕

Rules: list 10 songs that you have recently been listening to then tag 10 people

1. No Limit - G-Eazy ft Cardi B & A$AP Rocky

2. Don’t Wanna Know - Maroon 5

3. Heartthrob - SUPERFRUIT

4. Lemon - N.E.R.D ft Rihanna

5. You Already Know - Fergie ft Nicki Minaj

6. The Way Life Goes (Remix) - Lil Uzi Vert ft Nicki Minaj

7. Hurting Me Now - Sia

8. Truth Hurts - Lizzo

9. do re mi - blackbear


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the lgbt community did not come about as a result of “shared/similar experiences.” the lgbt community was formed not because we wanted to, but because our oppressors were actively oppressing us both with homophobia and transphobia. l/g/b and trans people consciously made the choice to come together to form the lgbt community as a result of this.

i’ve seen many people arguing that aro/ace people are lgbt because of “similar experiences.” this doesn’t hold up, because: not even every lgbt person has the same experience to each other! not even every lesbian has the same experience! not every trans person has a same experience!

again, the lgbt community is not about experience. everyone will face different experiences for different reasons. everyone will have similar experiences for different reasons.

but this does not make you lgbt.

what makes you lgbt is a social perception of your identity that is affected by the systematic homophobia and transphobia. even lgbt people who are born in liberal places and have no internal qualms with their identity or coming out are still lgbt because their identity is still directly affected by systematic homophobia and/or transphobia. 

the lgbt community is not a place for people who don’t conform to sexuality norms, people who feel ostracized or isolated. that is not the definition of lgbt, nor is it the definition of the lgbt community. the lgbt community has a clear history and intent of responding to and uniting against specifically homophobia and transphobia.

to insinuate that this should change because another demographic feels isolated in their relationship with cisheteropatriarchy disrespects the lgbt community history. to demand that the lgbt community should always be “open” and “welcome to change” is also disrespectful to the lgbt community. we are not a community you can bring yourselves into to change. and i’m not going to even go into how this is flawed anyway, since the first person to propose the inclusion of ace people into the lgbt community was a cishet white man. 

but many people like leaving that part out, or pretend that it doesn’t exist.

i think people on tumblr really need to recognize that social labels exist not because of experiences, but because of social perceptions. the “similar experiences” argument needs to stop, because you know what? short-haired cishet girls often have a “similar experience” of experiencing lesbophobia or transphobia due to not conforming to the expectation of women having long hair, but that still doesn’t make a short-haired cishet girl lgbt. 

additionally, we need to recognize that the other reason identity labels exist is because oppressors have isolated the people they oppress, not the other way around. the lgbt community would not exist if cishet people did not actively dehumanize lgbt people on the basis of being lgbt; that is, cishet people utilizing homophobia and transphobia to separate and harm them. 

most of the identity politics on this website are solely based on experience. some people are trying to argue that “cishet” is inclusively “cisgender/heterosexual/heteroromantic/perisex” and that “non-cishet” people are automatically lgbt. but this is (aside from being linguistically revisionist just for the sake of an argument) incredibly reliant a person’s experience with their sexual and romantic identity, which most of the time is not easy to distinguish because “romance” is a social construct anyway and the way anyone experiences ANY KIND OF ATTRACTION will always be different from each other. additionally, the world is not naturally separated into “cishet” and “lgbt.” cishet people separated us (lgbt people) by utilizing homophobia and transphobia. 

you need to recognize the reason the lgbt community was formed in the first place, the powers at work in the social capital. and don’t give me that “well there were probably aro/ace people too” or “it’s not the oppression olympics” when people bring up the visible suffering that lgbt people have historically faced - you have to be aware of the SOCIAL (CAPITALIST) SYSTEM rather than relying on anecdotal experience/individual prejudices in order to recognize, much less claim oppression.

FFXI - Distant Worlds by Susan Calloway 

D - A - G - A - G - F - E - D

C - D - A - G - C+1 - G - A

D - A - G - A - G - F - E - D

D - E - F - G - G - E - C - D

E - F - G 

E - F - G - F - E - F - D

E - F - G 

E - F - G - A - B♭ - A

A - G - A - C+1 - D+1 - G

G - F - G - C+1 - E+1 - F+1 - D+1

G - A - G - A - C+1 - D+1 - G

F - G - A - G - F - D

F - G - A - G - F - D

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Scale and Steel


(If you use this for a performance, I’d appreciate if you could give credit to me…? The Susano and Lakshmi ones were very quick, but this is an orchestral piece that took me a little while. And if you have a recording, I’d love to see it! I’m good at playing by ear but awful at performing the pieces I transcribe.)

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Excerpts from Revolutions

A lover lost,
A family torn,
A solemn pyre, raised to rouse the slumbering heaven.

G - G - G# - G - F - F - F - G - F - E

C - C - D - E♭ - F - E♭ - D - B♭(-1) - C

C - G - C - G - G# - B♭ - C - C - B♭ - G# - G - F

E♭ - F - G - F - E♭ - F - D

G - B♭ - G - E♭ - G - B♭ - G - D

G - B♭ - G - E♭ - E♭ - F - G - G - F - E♭ -  G - D

C - D - E♭ - D -D - E♭ - F - E

F - F - G -G# - G - F - E♭ - F

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I don't understand how someone can be both demi(boy/girl) and also transgender? Transgender means transitioning to the opposite gender (medically speaking), doesn't demi(b/g) mean someone just IDs more as b/g? I'm not hating, it just doesn't make sense to me.

1. trans/transgender can be used as an umbrella term that includes nonbinary genders. it is not exclusive to just transgender men and women, you can still call yourself trans if youre nonbinary, agender, genderfluid, etc

2. you can be transgender and not fit the binary. nonbinary men and women exist. the term does sound contradictory and confusing, but you can identify as a man or a woman and also be nonbinary.

3. demiboy/demigirl generally means “usually identifying as a boy/girl, but sometimes something else”. you can be a trans boy who identifies as a boy 90% of the time, but agender the other 10%. 

i hope this is a clear enough answer, usually i would ignore asks asking me to explain identities but i thought i could answer this one 

okay so today in plant pathology lab we were hanging out and chilling yet again and my professor is like “hey the mycology team brought back another weird mushroom wanna see it” and i thought about the last time a mycology team member brought back a weird mushroom and we were like HELL YEAHHHHHHH so he took us back there and lo and behold

M E G A   B O Y

-mega boy is a perrenial fungus, you can tell because of the weird rings; these are formed by the same fungus growing over the old fungal structure with new mycelium year after year, leaving layers!

-is estimated to be about ten years old by the mycology team

-grew around a chain, which we can assume to be also super old because its in the thicker part of the mushroom and is also super rusty 

-chain is like straight up like 2-3 feet long????

-was in a tree/stump and they removed it

-is being dried and treated for use as a teaching specimen because MEGA CHAIN BOY

-is super heavy, probably because of the chain bbut also because HE MEGA??

-yea so mega boy thanks for coming to my ted talk