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Hey so I only got half way through this fic and it was as a really good one too and now I can't seem to find it. It's from Dereks POV and it starts out with Derek changing himself to fit others expectations of him like he wants to go and help garden but instead he goes and works In the garage or he wants to hug his dad but instead he just like does that's dude thing and yeah then stiles comes along and just gets him nice things like a too big green sweater with thumb holes and yeah help plzzz!!!

You’re in luck!  @scruffysterek was good enough to find this for you.  Enjoy!  -Emmy

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Kintsugi by artemis69 

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Derek is too big, and strong, and a werewolf. He knows perfectly well what men are and aren’t allowed to be.

Stiles would beg to differ.

In which there are pretty boys, flowers, panties, glitter, and Stiles gives a heartfelt fuck you to the concept of toxic masculinity.