A compilation of Victor’s and Yuri Plisetsky’s interactions. This kid really knows how to push Victor’s buttons. Look at Victor’s face in the last shot; he’s sneering. He’s angry and doing the one thing he knows Yuri Plisetsky hates: belittling the boy and comparing him to himself.

This is a face we should be familiar with by now. Victor is pissed. What is this thing that Yuri Plisetsky keeps alluding to - Victor is no longer at the top, and not everyone admires him?

There it is again, Victor’s “you little shit” face. Note that Victor grabbed Yuri’s face after he said, “Just disappear already, geezer.” Up until this point, Yuri had only hurled one insult at Yuri Katsuki. He said all the stuff about the ring being garbage AFTER Victor grabbed his face. Also, if you watch the video, you’ll notice that Victor was holding Yuri’s face so hard that his hand was shaking.

What happened between these two in the past? Yuri Plisetsky does not hate Yuri Katsuki (see ep 9 for reference), but every time he gets angry at Victor it’s either related to Victor’s career or the fact that Victor is Yuri Katsuki’s coach. There might have been a bigger promise that Victor broke besides the free skate choreography, or there might be something Yuri Plisetsky was expecting of Victor before Victor decided to leave him.