in all honesty the triwizard tournament couldn’t have been that enjoyable for the spectators like they sit for an hour by the lake, probably freezing, and then sit for however long in the evening staring at some hedges, maybe seeing some red sparks after a long time. like. give the kids a screen, some commentary, idk


wo W another squad draw!!!!! remember to close ur tabs kids


there he is

All Night

A playlist of upbeat, fun girl group songs that take us back to the 80’s.

Including 40+ hits from Wonder Girls, Girls’ Generation, IU, F(x), Dal Shabet and many more.


sometimes i get so so so mad at k-fans when i see rude comments targeted towards victoria and lay ; all about how they’re the reason why their groups aren’t promoting because they’re in china with their activities instead of korea. god , like GROW UP . sm would rather have it this way , victoria and lay are literally the reason why they still have their foot in the door in china and it’s no secret that it’s bringing in them buckets of money . like … shut the fuck UP victoria and lay did not spend their entire youth years , promoting in a different country and learning a completely new language to be disrespected like this . 

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okay but hear me out: some loser catfishes f!Robin with Fred's pictures and when Frederick finds out his pictures are being used he crashes the first in-person date to call out the dude and means to kick him out and apologize to Robin but then he's just like "holy goodness she's kinda hot????"

[Been reading a fantastic Modern AU series by musicribbons on AO3 in case you didn’t notice in the story lolol]

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He had no idea what was going on until Gaius had mentioned it off-hand. The two were taking a break, Gaius casually asked about the date tonight, and Frederick asked what on earth he was on about.

“You know, the date you’re going on with Robin Grima. The lady who’s a couple floors down? She’s a team leader and all that?” Gaius informed him, the Exalt Inc. executive still lost.

“I honestly have no idea who you’re talking about. Her name is familiar, but I haven’t ever socialized with her, to my knowledge. I certainly haven’t set up a date with her.”

“So you’re telling me this isn’t you? That you aren’t going on a date she’s been excited about since yesterday?” Gaius replied as he held up his phone, and sure enough, that was Frederick’s name and photo sitting on the screen. His blood began to boil; that wasn’t his profile, but he knew why it was there. He was being used to swindle dates for some freak.

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