160101 x 161001

285 (lol i fucking calculated it like 1 sec ago don’t worry i dont count)

i’m happy

i’m fucking happy

not because of y nor o or u

because of me, myself, and i

because i’ve decided that i’m not a sad story

and i have to get my own life

and because i can be happy just because i fucking want to

(but okay the fact that you keep that little penguin beside you increase my happiness crazily)


thank you, and thanks everyone who are being here

i’m not good at expressing things and i WILL improve it (believe me i will like when i said i will try to fix my lisp) 

i just like observing you guys y’all beautiful fucking beautiful 

i hope you’re happy. i’m happy

i may not be happy all the time (i’m not robot wtf) but i’m and i’ll

much love


moodboard#3, fywl