On any given day you can see Chancellor Holub walking around campus with that hat of his on.  I’ve personally bumped into him (legit walked right into him because both of us were distracted) multiple times.  It’s just embarrassing the second time around.

Either way, it’s pretty awesome that he’s just randomly walking around campus like he’s any other person, and not all hoity-toity.



Standing at the center of the University of Massachusetts Amherst campus, The Old Chapel has stood as a symbol for 127 years. This documentary explores the history of the building and what has happened since the building’s closure in 1997.

Found this my freshman year.  UMass makes interesting Caution signs.  Note that a) the picture for being aware of voltage is a person being electrocuted and that b) they warn you to watch for asbestos and lead when you walk in.  I felt sooooo safe.

UMass is the only place I’ve ever seen either of these.






but seriously there are RAs out there who are dickheads who will legit sniff out your room.


  • towel your door (well)
  • use a dark towel (like brown or black) because it’s stupid to use a bright pink towel if you’re trying to be inconspicuous
  • invest in a box fan and point it out
  • oh yeah, and don’t open the door because more likely than not, it won’t be your RA but instead it will be the Police.  if people complain about the smell (or an RA notices), the UMPD can be called who will then come by your room.  they’ll knock on your door, and, if you answer you can be presented with a fine and anything else (depending on that officer).  If the RA has reasonable expectation if you don’t open your door to believe you were smoking, you’ll receive a write-up either by email or in your mailbox to make an appointment with your RD to sort the situation out. obviously, deny deny deny.you can always cop to a lesser thing of “oh i had incense or a candle and didn’t realize we couldn’t have those” but if you admit to smoking you can be removed from housing.  if you receive 3 (i believe) write-ups in a specific time period, you will be removed from your housing assignment.

The Psych Department has awesome shirts:

You know you’re a Psych Major When…

  1. you’re the first person your friends come to for advice
  2. your favorite word is “hippocampus”
  3. your friends are confused by what “experiments” you’re getting credit for
  4. you’ve diagnosed yourself with an anxiety disorder while studying for a psych exam
  5. people are always asking if you can read their minds
  6. you psychoanalyze – well, everybody
  7. you think it’s ironic that Freud smoked cigars
  8. it irks you when people misuse the word “positive reinforcement”
  9. you know that superego isn’t a description of The Situation
  10. the DSM-V is your bible
  11. the word “random” doesn’t just mean weird to you
  12. you insist that people hug you because you’re conditioned to respond!


Grades & Academic Discipline

Grades are now on SPIRE.

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If you are facing academic discipline (suspension or dismissal), be sure to monitor your UMass Amherst email account. An email will be sent from the Registrar’s Office by the end of the day on Friday, December 30.  

Be sure to completely read the email, carefully follow the instructions, and regularly monitor your UMass Amherst email account for new information or instructions on how to proceed. You may also want to consult the Undergraduate Advising website for information on academic status.


Hey! My name is Jake! I am a current UMass student. This short film was shot in Amherst and directed by current student Isaac Himmelman and Alumni ‘10 Ryan Harrington. Enjoy!