I’m in a show called Woody Guthrie’s American song. There’s a song called Hard Traveling, it’s about how hard people were living and all the troubles they were going through.

Tonight we kind of learned eachother’s hard travels that they’ve been going through. We all kind of put energy into this big ball of emotion that slowly engulfed the entire room. We started singing the song and everyone burst into tears. The emotion and feeling behind everything was real, it was beautiful. It was also probably the hardest rehearsal I’ve ever had to emotionally go through. We took a break after we finished the song, a few people had to step outside because they couldn’t really handle being inside with all the feeling bursting out of them. Those of us who stayed inside stayed silent the entire time, some stayed seated in the circle, a few of us paced the room trying to collect ourselves.

And as one of my cast mates just pointed out to me, it was magic. 

So this is what is happening at my old high school


And now they’ve hired the asshole middle school director to take her spot and combine the programs!! 7-12 in one program!! This guy is notorious in our district for his favoritism no one other than his precious favorites is ever going to have a chance and its so sad because there are so many better people out there.

Also, some guy wrote an open letter to our idiot new principle and it is great. 


Number Three Hundred Five

And here I am, with a midterm tomorrow, and instead of doing my study guide I’ve been spending waaaay too much time on FYTP. The theater kid within me rears its ugly (though with a show face) head and I cannot control myself.