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What starkids are in what Hogwarts house?

In the Wizarding Life interviews that some of the Team did, their Hogwarts houses are as follows: 

Gryffindor: Joe Walker, Julia Albain, Jaime Lyn Beatty, Brant Cox, Brian Holden, Nick Lang.

Hufflepuff: Meredith Stepien, Dylan Saunders,Darren Criss, Joey Richter. 

Those are the ones I was able to get from the Wizarding Life interviews. If any of you guys know any others, please let me know in the reply!


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What's Darren Criss' name?












Darren Criss. 


P.S. If you were asking what his middle name is, it’s Everett. 

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Addressing the stupid questions: AVPSY will be on youtube in January. The script will be free & downloadable. The album will most likely be free or open to donations because of copyright. The casting remains the same except for Hermione & new additions. This is the last Potter musical and I'm pretty sure Matt&Nick are also weeping with joy that these silly questions are almost gone for good.



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Why is the the Jasmine character in Twisted never called Jasmine? She's only referred to as "The Princes." At first I thought because of copyright reasons, but then why do Aladdin and Jafar keep their names?

Aladdin and Jafar were names in the original Arabian Nights tales, so they’re fair game. It’s like how there are a million different versions of Cinderella out there, because Cinderella is the original name used in the Folk Tale. You’ll also notice a few other Disney-coined terms (Cave of Wonders, anyone?) missing for copyright purposes. 


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Since you're the largest starkid tumblr out there, I think it would be awesome if you could arrange a "great re-watch" week for the HP musical trilogy! Like every day people could re-watch one specified act of one of the musicals and there could be live-blogging and stuff. It just seems fun to keep the Starkid fandom alive and for all of us to go back to Hogwarts one more time! You could always make a post to see how many people are interested and if it's worth the effort to arrange. :)

Sure! That sounds like a fun idea! 

Would people be interested in watching something like that? We could do it on livestream or on a tinychat or something. 


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Who was wizard of the year, seven times in seven years? Who was it!?


Who banished all his fears and made a boggart disappear? Who was it? 


(and my favorite verse): 

Who taught a yeti how to sing?

Walked into Mordor and destroyed the ring?

Battled a banshee and came out a champ?

Trapped Jafar inside of a lamp?

Stories of wonder for each girl and boy, 

paperback or hardback for you to enjoy, 

form an orderly line. 

It’s Gilderoooyyy!

Haha that was great. I loved this ask. 


P.S. We just passed 19,800 followers. Y'all are the best!

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are there any male starkid fans? or am I in the extreme minority...

Oh, there are definitely male StarKid fans (my friend Ben is one of them). They are just not as abundant as the female population. 


P.S. If you’re looking for more male StarKid fans, check the replies. There are a bunch there. 

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hi! i feel kind of embarrassed asking this question, but i was wondering if you would explain to me how the whole redvine thing came about?

Sure! I’m probably going to get part of this wrong, but here goes: so one of the execs at Red Vines has a daughter and this daughter loved AVPM and showed it to her dad. So the guy contacted the Team, asked if they wanted to do a pseudo-product placement thing for AVPS and they made it into a huge product placement joke thing. 

If you want to hear an explanation straight from Joey’s mouth, you can go to this interview and skip to 2:32 when he talks about it. 


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What are the StarKids instagrams?

I’m going to add these to our “the StarKids” page in a bit, but here are some of them that I can find right now: 

Julia Albain

Chris Allen

Clark Baxtresser

Tyler Brunsman

Richard Campbell 

Britney Coleman

Darren Criss

Ali Gordon

Corey Lubowich

Devin Lytle

Joe Moses

Jim Povolo (but he’s not very active)

If I missed anyone, let me know in the replies!


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Could you maybe explain what each of the Starkids is for Halloween?

  • NJSM was Captain Haddock from Tintin
  • Jaime was the okcupid website
  • June was Wall-E
  • Joe Walker was Captain Planet
  • Brian Holden and Meredith were both raccoons
  • Denise was an owl
  • Julia was Cruella De Vil (thank you hiphineaswhatudoing!)
  • Corey Lubowich was a ninja turtle  bowser from mario, my bad! I can’t interpret things apparently, haha. 

I can’t tell who Lauren and EKG were from that photoset, sorry. 


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Does anyone else find $15 a bit steep for the A Very STARKID Senior Year? Especially as there are only 10 tracks to the album - including one rather badly recorded demo. I am a huge fan of StarKid, but I am somewhat confused by this. Further, Darren was obviously available to record songs (i.e. "When I Was...", which was released free for legal issues), but they chose to use Clark instead. As much as I love StarKid, I have to conclude that this is all about the money - and I feel kinda insulted.

Uh, no? Literally NO ONE I have talked to thinks it’s steep. It’s an album; album’s cost anywhere between $10-20. 

As for the rest of your accusations: a) Darren wasn’t available. That’s why they had Clark do it. If Darren had more than 12 hours off for AVPSY, then they would have recorded it with him too. But since he couldn’t get very much time off from Glee, they couldn’t. 

And b) if you think StarKid does anything just for money, you obviously don’t know them, their company, or what it means to be a StarKid fan, at all. 


If you want to insult me, try being a tad more original. And trust me when I say that you can’t say anything to me that I haven’t said to myself a thousand times. So it’s really not even worth trying. 

Here’s a fun gif to brighten this post up: 


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Can you post all the Starkid shows and tours chronologicly? I mean year by year

They’re posted chronologically on our “productions” page, but I can list them here quickly:

  • Little White Lie (2007)
  • AVPM (Summer 2009)
  • MAMD (Fall 2009)
  • AVPS (2010)
  • Starship (Spring 2011)
  • SPACE Tour (Fall 2011)
  • HMB (March 2012)
  • Apocalyptour (April-May 2012)
  • AVPSY (August 2012)
  • Twisted (July 2013)

Hope that helps! 


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do you where i would be able to find Taz's monologue about how Up is tough?

I wanna say it’s something along the lines of

Now you listen to me, you little fart! Up is the toughest son of a bitch I ever met in my life. He eats eagles for breakfast, he sleep on a bed of fire, and when Up cuts an onion, the ONION is the one who cry. So you better UN FUDGE yourself, or Up will unscrew your head, and drop the wishing pennies down your throat. Now take a walk off my knife.