SSM's list of High Quality Sailor Moon Blogs

As requested by a lovely new follower of mine, I have decided to make a list of my top Sailor Moon Blogs! If you aren’t on this list, and I do follow you, please know that I still love you ALL! But I don’t want to over whelm any one.

In no particular order:

sailorfukus : A newer Sailor Moon blog, but always posts unique, and different sailor moon fan art found across the web, and is always amazing about including the source.

oshiokiyo: Another new tumblr with GREAT and unique gifs from Sailor Moon, she is also such a doll and very very nice. She also dabbles in Manga colorings, and is really very good, and also does some edits.

princess-halation: Once again, a newer blog, but has quickly become one of the best for episode, transformation, character, and key item break downs. These break downs are pretty comprehensive, and always include her own gifs and/or images.

girlsbydaylight: This isn’t a strictly sailor moon blog, unlike the other above, but she posts large amounts of beautiful Sailor Moon fan art. She is also willing to break down her thoughts on episodes, and other SM related discussions. The other stuff she posts is mostly Disney, and a few other animes.

petalidistelle: A cute sailor moon blog, with more quality, source listing fan art!

obsessedwithsailormoon: A great blog filled with hundreds of great Sailor Moon Gifs!

foreversailormoon: An absolutely amazing blog! She does mostly Gifs, but is a general all around SM blog. Very high quality, and she is extremely nice!

blue-koneko: Dabbles into a lot of aspects of sailor moon, from gifs, manga scans, manga colorings, and screen caps.

relativity-pudding: A wonderful mixed blog filled with thoughts on episodes, polyvore, edits, fan fiction, and a bit more.

fysailormoon: She is such a darling! I love this woman :D She does great graphics, edits, and manga colorings.

moonlightmiracle: This is a long time, established Sailor Moon blog. This woman is very strong and good person. She posts a lot of manga scans, and high quality images from the art books of SM.

burningmandala: Another well established and active SM blog. This blog is mainly about the live action and the musicals! A must follow if that is your thing!

silvermoon424: One of the best Sailor Moon Blogs out there. Katy is a wealth of information, images, trivia, and random ass facts XD She posts a wide range of things upon request, both from the anime and the manga. Need an image? She prolly has it, or at least knows where to find it!

ladydynamitez: This is the woman of graphics! She does amazing pan shot edits, and graphic edits in general! Always does such beautiful work, and is always open to requests! She does work from the anime, and live action stuff ^^

Unpopular(?) opinion (and biggest rant of my life): When Feminism isn't helpful

Okay, I’ll just lay it out straight. I’m a woman. I consider myself a feminist and a supporter of LGBT rights. Because I believe all genders and trans-genders should be equal. Because I have a philosophy of “Do whatever the fuck you want, it’s not my business.” And I support people’s rights to do whatever the fuck they want.

But it gets a little maddening when women aggravate others because of something harmless that is said or done.

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