my name is Ham,
and wen a gost,
does myne uncle
most savgly roast,
i kno whut taske 
now fals to me -
but fyrst to aske:

be or not be?

my name’s Horatio,
and wen my friend,
haf killed the king
and met hys end, 
newes from england
looks on thys payl -
i draw my breth.

i tel his tayl.

DISNEY HIGH SCHOOL: arielle sirène + eric fyrste .

arielle (sophmore) : grew up kinda sheltered (especially after the accident that cost her her legs) but she always had the drive to go exploring and nothing could really stop her, but now she’s got her really cool prostheses with the fish scale pattern. she can be a bit of a rebel and is fond of collecting souvenirs from her adventures.

eric (junior) : is a bit of a preppy boy. his true passion is sailing, and he’s part of the local rowing club. boy just loves boats. he met arielle after she rescued him from a falling tree branch during a storm, and they’ve been super close ever since.

( a.k.a. here’s a project i was doing like 2 years ago that i decided to revisit. more to come, maybe? )


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