fyrinnae eyeshadow


I’ve been meaning to post about one of my favorite eyeshadows ever and @zynab1929‘s post about Fyrinnae eyeshadows has inspired me to do so! 

I’m wearing Fyrinnae loose eyeshadow in Mephisto over brown and black eyeshadow (you can’t quite tell, just adds a little more depth.) It’s technically not a pressure sensitive eyeshadow though it somewhat acts like one. I love to blend the hell out of it for the muddy, coppery duochrome look, then pack it on in the crease to show off the true opacity of the matte blue base and red sheen.

It’s really glowy and amazing in person and I highly recommend it if you like bruisey colors. Serendipity is also worth checking out - it’s like Mephisto but without the blue base and it looks great layered over anything.

ufho  asked:

Hello! I just started transitioning to cruelty-free products and wondered if you have a tag for those. Do you have any favorites? Thanks a lot~

I don’t think we do have a tag for that…. and I defer to Phyrra’s knowledge of cruelty free products when I’m looking for them. It’s not actually a priority of mine to be frank. But here are some brands I know and love that are cruelty, free, just for reference:

  1. Urban Decay - Love the setting sprays and eyeshadows specifically. 
  2. Sugarpill - Amazing eyeshadows 
  3. Too Faced - great glitter primer 
  4. Fyrinnae - Phenomenal eyeshadows
  5. Morgana Cryptoria - great weird lipstick selection 
  6. NARS 
  7. NYX 
  8. Anastasia
  9. Wet n Wild 
  10. BECCA 
  11. Hourglass 
  12. Zoya 
  13. Milani 

My favorite quick eye look lately with ColourPop eyeshadow in Bae (applied with a pencil brush) and mascara. Harsh cut creases are pretty much all I do and it’s easy to just dip into a cream eyeshadow then draw and blend a cut crease. I love how complex this eyeshadow looks. Fyrinnae loose eyeshadow in Conjuror is a similar shade that I recommend as well.


This is the first leisurely Saturday I’ve had in my own apartment in…. a month. And holy guacamole it’s only 8 AM and I probably look like the fattest happiest cat in existence. 8D I’ve read in bed, I’ve painted my nails, I’m making a nice frothy cup of decaf. AND I’m doing my makeup. ;)

Genrenommer said: “Makeup idea: coral reef" 

It turned out a bit darker than I’d have liked, so I might give it another go at some point. I need more bright colors, damn it! XD

Please note how much my mascara (and my hair, actually) were like "oh son, no. not happening today." 

I would also like to say that attempting to put on makeup is possibly the best ad for why folks should get contacts. @__@ It’s like painting blind. Full disclosure, I put my glasses ON to do the eyeliner, and just maneuvered behind them. /o\ To see clearly I have to get closer to the mirror than the brush allows space for!