In the deep vast unknown
there travels a small ship
circular spinning pristine
that cast shadows upon
waters and filters truth
into air that you breathe
in … and out… In and out
and somewhere in the body
beats your heart as massive
vessel of circular reasoning
pumps truth in and out
…in and out
it’s a lonely traveler on the
highway that sign painted
“Life” driving itself wild
return by the circular wheel
in which distractions weave
in and out… In and out
going nowhere just feel.
In the deep vast unknown
sits your mind connecting
random dots, thoughts
pulling, probing and building
something to grasp in the
truth that when it awakens
it is always alone dreaming
itself in and out

baby, right now its out…


Rudy Chavez assaulted another inmate, purported to be a child molester, with boiling water and received extra time on his sentence for the attack. Chavez indicates here that, despite the extra felony charges he received, he has no regret. He states that, if ever given the opportunity, he would not hesitate to kill a child molester even if it meant he would receive a life sentence. [x]


Shannon Holten, an inmate at Harris County Jail in Texas, states that she has Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Schizophrenia, Insomnia and the Impulse Control Disorder, Trichotillomania. Holten was arrested on charges of drug possession; this is her 26th time behind bars. Her psychiatrist notes that when she fails to take her prescribed medication, she tends to “self-medicate,” which has contributed to her frequent arrests and incarcerations. Al Jazeera English hosts an award-winning documentary series, Fault Lines, and this episode examines mental illness within the jail and prison population in the United States. [x]


After being denied a transfer to be closer to his mother, Holman Correctional Facility inmate Bobby Ray Gilbert broke the glass window on his cell door. Drawing the attention of staff, he explained that he had been trying to get the transfer for almost 5 years and that the distance from the prison was putting undue financial strain on his mother who could not always afford the nearly 400 mile trip. According to prison officials, he was denied the transfer due to disciplinary infractions he had accrued during his time at Holman. Gilbert went on a hunger strike, prompting officials to make a deal with him. If he would agree to taking anger management classes, he would be granted a transfer to a prison that was closer to his family. [x]


As part of training to become a corrections officer, cadets must subject themselves to getting pepper sprayed in the face. During this time, they are expected to keep their eyes open and maintain control over an inmate and successfully work through the pain. There are two main reasons for this type of training: 1. when an inmate is pepper sprayed, some of the agent will inevitably reach the officer during physical altercations and, in spite of this, they must always have the upper hand, and 2. so that officers know what they are subjecting inmates to and will use proper judgment and empathy when making the final decision to reach for the pepper spray.

The cadets fully recovered after 2 hours.