iamkerri plays the Pregnant Challenge: 

EPISODE 2 Anya is pregnant with Brad the bartender’s baby (BABY A) she flirted with pancake Bob, but they don’t whoo hoo. After he leaves she heads out to the gym, to work out. Only when she gets there she sees Don.  They talk while running on the tread mill. They flirt a little bit but stuff gets awkward because they are in a huge group conversation with EVERYONE at the gym. So she says forget this and leaves.  Upon returning home she sees tons of people walking down the street, she sees nothing wrong with this so she goes over to say hi. To introduce herself for.. the future..  Guy in the white suit talks to her for maybe.. 1 min, and then leaves. The man in the green jacket stays for longer but is super difficult to have a conversation with. Anya is down for the challenge. I decide to give her a hobby that isn’t baby making, since Anya is pure class i make her play the violin. I was going to make her take up wood working, but thats just too much.. She is in her third trimester now and WILL pop at any given moment. The next day she gets up and GUESS WHOS AT HER DOOR. DON LOTHARIO. This is all too convenient, i thought after the night at the gym he didn’t like her so much. I guess I was very, very wrong. They do a few nice/friendly interactions outside, but as soon as they head inside (safe from any potential lovers seeing them) the flirting gets hot and they smooch a lot. However Anya is a classy lady and doesn’t whoo hoo him that night.. because… SHES GOING INTO LABOUR.  She tells Don to GTFO, she rushes to the hospital, and 3 Sim hours later Baby A is born :) the first baby in the pregnant challenge! His name needed to start with an A so i looked on my dirty names list and i chose Andy Phucter. For those who don’t get it.. if you say it fast it sounds like “and he fucked her”.  I am going to try to keep all the kids as babies and age them up when its almost their birthday. Trying is the key word here because when she was fucking Don, Andy kept screaming..  Oh yeah, she fucked Don when she came home from the hospital. Ain’t no rest for the wicked.  WILL ANYA BE PREGNANT WITH DON’S BABY?! FIND OUT ON THE NEXT EPISODE! 
Pregnant challenge:  EPISODE 6   And we have our FIRST GIRL!!  Everyone meet Chastity Belt. Her Father is Jay Nelson and her mama is Anya Neeze.    Now with Baby Chastity born it is time to get pregnant yet again. Guess who is walking down the street at the perfect time?  Nash Grimm.  It’s like he knows he’s about to get laid. They Whoo Hoo. Andy walks in on them making babies, and shit gets awkward for him real fast.   AAAND BOOM, PREGNANT AGAIN. We are now pregnant with baby #4 Baby “D”.  Speaking of D, Don comes over and is greeted by his son Ben, they have an awkward conversation together, and then Don leaves.    Anya finally doesn’t look horrified when shes playing the violin anymore!! She’s getting better :) Kind of hard to believe she’s getting better because every few hours she has to stop because of the crying baby. Babies are kind of annoying so I may start to age them up a little faster.. It’s just so annoying most times I get the notification saying “BABY IS HUNGRY IF YOU DONT FEED THEM THEY WILL BE TAKEN AWAY” but the baby’s mood is in the green, not blue..   But Anya still does her mom duties, after a few days we get the notification saying it’s almost chastity’s birthday! THANK GOD, this was the most needy baby so far.. With that baby Chastity grows up! She looks Asian like her dad. I make her a creative sim with the creative trait.    And with that I leave you with the 3 kids and the baby letter D on the way.    WHO WILL ANYA’S NEXT TARGET BE? WILL THIS BABY BE A BOY OR GIRL? FIND OUT NEXT EPISODE


I know i said i wouldn’t make a new separate blog for the pregnant challenge.. but i did.

I want to keep this one sims 4 content, game play, downloads ect.

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EPISODE 7 IS POSTED 8 WILL BE COMING SOON AND ALSO A FAMILY TREE. (so we can keep track of the baby daddies :)