Well Grimmsters, Here It Is

The first Friday. The day when we have to finally face the facts. There is no new Grimm on the horizon.

I’m sad and yet content…it’s a weird feeling. I don’t think it really felt like it was over until today, when I was looking forward to a new episode before realizing there wouldn’t be one anymore.

As I’ve said before, I’ve been with this show from the beginning. I’ve watched through graduate school, two major relocations, and my first real job. It–and this blog–have been the jumpstart to my weekend since I was 23. Now I find myself looking at my Friday night with a big question mark. It’s not that I don’t have anything else to do, it’s just…become my routine. A little spot of consistency amidst a lot of change. And now that routine has to change, too.

But despite that change, I do want to let everyone who’s followed FYNB all this time–and the newcomers too!–that this blog is not going to go away. I’ve been talking with the other admins behind the scenes, and we still have a lot of ideas. Just speaking for myself, I have TONS of material–videos, images, plotbunnies, etc–that I haven’t posted yet, and I don’t plan to let any of it go to waste.

I can’t promise the blog will always be as active as it was for these six amazing years–unless JK and DG grace us with new material at some point in the future. But we’re not going silent any time soon.

I’ll be taking a short break to finish up my Masters degree, and then I’ll be back with a slew of hiatus content that I hope will help take the sting out of the prospect of a Grimm-less fall. In the meantime…keep it weird!

- Liza