I haven’t had my coffee yet but I will try my best to articulate why I love this scene so much and hopefully, it will make sense to some people. All of Pa Kent’s scenes actually are my favorites but onto this scene. This is a very crucial part in Clark’s life because this is when he was assured by Jonathan that he has a home on Earth and that is with his family especially because this is the time Clark learned the truth about himself. I also like that after Pa Kent told Clark he is his son he went on to talk about Clark’s biological father and the unknown reason Clark’s father might have for sending Clark to Earth. It’s very important that Pa Kent made Clark understood that he was accepted for what and who he is and even though Pa Kent didn’t have the answers to Clark’s question, he was there to support and guide him. Little details and scenes like this that showed Clark’s past are very important to show Clark’s development in the film and I’m glad Snyder didn’t hold back in showing them. Plus cinematography in this film is top. But that’s for another post :)