Maybe I just wasn’t able to realize it in the first place. I should have at least saw what was coming towards me. Well, I saw it but unfortunately, I was blinded by the thought of you wanting me back. I don’t know if it was your intention or I am just a demanding and dense person. At first, I thought it wouldn’t affect me this much but unfortunately, it did. Your voice still echoes in my head, your smile still lingers in my mind, and the thought of your touch still sends shivers down my spine. I miss you and I feel like I’m the most unfortunate person for losing you. I don’t know if you still think about me but you have never left my mind.

I know that you’re happy right now and I wish that you will find “what you deserve” eventually. I want to let you know that you deserve someone better and someone who will not put you through a lot of misery. I will forever wish you bliss and nothing else for you will always have a special place in my heart. Even though the end was a tragedy, I still thank you for being a serendipity.

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I’m from MD. We’re not from the South, nor do we have an accent. We’re also not New England- we’re the Mid-Atlantic. It’s soda, not pop with my sub, not a hoagie. I go to the beach, not to the shore and drink water, not “wooder”. It’s DC, not Washington, and I know how to get anywhere. We know how to use a traffic circle, and how to pump our own gas. Terps basketball is life and Gary Williams is a god. We scream “O!”; in the national anthem, no matter where we are, and we cheer for the redskins no matter how they are doing. We live for crabs, corn and beer, and most of all, Chipotle. I’m from MD, and there’s no place like home!

I don’t like the feel that unrequited feelings give me. It’s like I feel that I’m too stubborn to hold it back or maybe too chicken to give up. I know, this is a usual thing to feel so I don’t know if I should still push through with my feelings or not.

“I want to keep you in any way possible.”

“You’re a keeper and I want to make you feel that you are.”

I know things have gotten pretty rough lately but I think I don’t deserve to be treated this way. I don’t want to stop because I really REALLY like you but you seem to be too eager to make me. What happened to your words? I thought you wanted to keep me in any way possible? Sadly, even though you treat me this way, my feelings are still intact. I’ve wasted more than a year of my life to get over someone. I told myself: “Hey stupid, don’t fall for the wrong person again.” (and I hope I am not wrong this time)

If ever I decided to stop or if ever YOU will ask me to stop, I just want to let you know that I’m grateful for the blissful moments that we’ve had. I also want to thank you for showing me your genuine smile, for encouraging me, for being there for me, for everything. If you’re still doubting, I also want to let you know that my feelings are true and it will always be. I sincerely apologize for causing you trouble and if ever, I hope you will find someone whom you won’t doubt anymore.

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