Word of the week: fylke

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Ok, this word is actually easy. Fylke just means county in Norwegian. I couldn’t help but think of it after today’s kommune and fylkesvalg (local elections) in Norway.

Norway’s divided into 19 fylker, listed below alphabetically:

  •  Akershus
  •  Aust-Agder
  •  Buskerud
  •  Finnmark
  •  Hedmark
  •  Hordaland
  •  Møre og Romsdal
  •  Nordland
  •  Nord-Trøndelag
  •  Oppland
  •  Oslo
  •  Rogaland
  •  Sogn og Fjordane
  •  Sør-Trøndelag
  •  Telemark
  •  Troms
  •  Vestfold
  •  Vest-Agder
  •  Østfold

For political purposes, fylker make up the primary administrative regions of Norway. Think of them like states or provinces. They are further divided into 430 kommuner or municipalities.

We should also take note that the island of Svalbard north of Norway is an administrative region too, but technically not a fylke.