Lost Girl Fic: Precious Pain

Title: Precious Pain (Read on AO3)

Pairing:  Bo/Lauren/Tamsin

Rating: Teen +

Word Count: 4910

Warning: Massive angst ahead.

Summary: When tragedy strikes close to home, Tamsin has to stay strong for her family–a family she never thought she’d have.

Note: Sequel to And Baby Makes…Four?. Based on a prompt from Neytiri’s Heart. IT’S HER FAULT DON’T LOOK AT ME.

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Out of Africa

A lost girl fanfic

Prompt: Make it Hurt: because you guys are evil (FY Lost Girl competition week 7)

Rating: K+ for heartbreak and plague

Description: Lauren promised Nadia that their trip to Africa would be an adventure, but an encounter with a village blighted by a mysterious illness alters the course of their lives irreparably…

Length: 4380 words

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