Rated: T (drug use)
Summary: Kenzi’s time with the Kitsune has led to unforeseen consequences. (2600+ words)
Author’s Note:
No copyright infringement intended. This story is meant for the Truth and Lies week of the competition.

“Yeah… No, I know… I’m glad we got to talk, too. Listen, I’m almost back home, so I gotta go. Call you before bed?” Bo adjusted her hold on the wheel of her Camaro. “Alright… Love you too.” With that, she took her eyes from the abandoned road to toss her phone into the passenger seat. 

She and Lauren had needed that heart to heart, desperately. She felt lighter for it. A week with little to no interaction between them was too long.  At least it had given the succubus plenty of time to consider the reasons to forgive the doctor and to make sure Kenzi was recovering. The girl had courage in spades, but even the experienced street-rat was worse off after her ordeal with the Kitsune. She’d slept in Bo’s bed since, rousing with terror almost every time she fell into a dream.

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And the rest is history

A Lost Girl fanfic

Prompt: Truth and lies: a hard truth or an innocent lie? (Fylostgirl competition week 3)

Rating: T for language and violence

Description: Vex origin story. Abandoned as a baby in London at the turn of the 20th Century, Vex knows nothing of the fae and must discover his powers on his own. When faced with the question ‘Light or Dark?’ he lies to save his life…

Length: 3500 words

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