Day and Night

Rated: T
This story is for the “Bedtime Stories” week of the competition. Huge shout-out to mygodyourebeautiful for still having the most amazing url, oh, and for betaing. Definitely that. Do enjoy this story as I have, and tell me what you think if you feel the need!

Once upon a time, in a land several kingdoms over, a knight stood watch on the northern wall of the most protected castle.  Entrusted into her care was a fair maiden with a love of knowledge and books. She spent her passive days devouring the words of people who had traveled far past anywhere she would ever go. She was a prisoner in the fortress built solely to keep her from the outside world. Behind barred windows and locked doors, she kept a dream in her heart – that a noble spirit, with unyielding bravery in the face of danger, would come to save her. All the brick in the castle and all the soldiers hired to keep her captive, would not be strong enough to stop them as they fled into the open night.

Some days, she fell in love with her hero after weeks of freedom on the road. Some nights, the kind soul became a friend and helped her set up an anonymous life in the hilly countryside. All times, she wanted those days and nights to be tangible reality. Let me tell you here, now, how cruel a fantasy can be….

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