Welcome to the thirteenth week of the FYLG competition rules are pretty simple just incorporate the challenges below in a story or graphic/gif and use the tag “fylgcompetitionwk13” in the first five tags.

Weekly Challenge 13:

Editors: Fae or Human

FF Authors: You never forget your first 

The prize for each category will be a Wacom Tablet CTH 670 for the editors and for the authors a US$150 gift voucher to a book store of your choosing. (The store must have a website in English and take paypal/cc to be able purchase the gift voucher)

To be eligible for the prizes:

  • Must be original work, no recycling of your old stuff
  • One entry per person for each weekly challenge will only be counted.
  • You can enter both categories
  • Late weekly challenges are accepted.
  • A minimum of 13 weekly challenges (for each category if you do both) must be entered before the competition end date of 8th September.

The winner will be selected at random by using random.org.

Any questions just contact me here and previous competition information is available here. If you noticed that I haven’t reblogged your entry just send a message with the url.

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