It’s easy to see it on the simplistic terms of ‘Broomhilda has no power and Olivia’s totally empowered,’ right? You see them on these opposite ends of the spectrum of history in terms of slavery. But they’re both such strong women in different ways and in some ways, here Olivia Pope is, a woman who cannot get her personal life together and is in violation of the institution of marriage. And here is Broomhilda who lives in a time when black people can’t even legally be married, and she so believes in the sacred institution of marriage that she is waiting and believing in her love and in her humanity and her husband’s humanity and in their relationship that she waits for him and she longs for him and she believes in that. So it’s not as easy as it looks on the outside, it’s also like in some ways Broomhilda is much stronger than Olivia when it comes to interpersonal, loving relationship. - Kerry Washington [x]


Today marks the 4th anniversary of my first post in this space. I had absolutely no idea what was to come from the career of the amazing person we’re all here for; my only goals were to get in on the fuckyeah trend, keep track of my favorite actress and see if there were any other fans of hers on Tumblr. It’s a good thing I’m a big fan of surprises and the unexpected :) This is just a quick thank you to all followers new and old who make running this fanblog so fun. I’m so appreciative that you’ve all stuck around even when I’ve fallen behind on news and every single new follower alert makes me really, really happy. Cheers to you all!