Since it’s my 18th bday today (150626), I decided to list 18 blog/bloggers who are important to me and 18 reasons why I love my 17-year-old self, basically to appreciate all the good things that happened.

I have a message for the owners of these 18 blogs, so hover on the ღ to read it. ^^

♡♡♡ special bbs: xingyeon  || toomanyfeelsexogdi || teaguks  || jungkickme​ 

♡others: rxxbinc  | abseoklutely  || ohsebooty || @chaeehyeongwon  || therealjunmyeon || happytoilets  || nzfw  || uijinsgf || exogivesyoumoonskin || vseoks 

♡♡fyeahs: fyeah-chanyeol || fykai  || fyeah-leechan  || fy-jintaekook   ||(not on the gifset but they’re in my heart anyway: fyeah-jihoon & what17says)

Thank you for everything, everyone! *sends hearts*

(Dear 17-year-old Yeoshin, you did well! ;D *whispers* If anyone asks my age, I’ll still respond with 17 until I’m ready to say 18. Hahaha. ;))

anonymous asked:

What happened to Kai? I don't like being nosey but is their a video or something?

I haven’t been on tumblr much the last 5 days but something wasn’t right with him when they performed in Thailand. The first day he almost throw up and the second day he suddenly stopped and it was like he was about to faint or something. I saw a video of the last thing on fykai but I don’t have the link to it bc I’m on my phone atm, but if you want to watch it then you can go and look there! I’m just so worried because he didn’t seem well at all but I hope it’s “just” dehydration, lack of sleep or something.. I just wish SM could let them rest, just for once. No one in EXO are robots and it’s not human what SM makes them do. This all needs to stop because Jongin is not the first person in EXO nor SM that’s been sick while performing.. Sorry for the vent but I’m just really sorry and also sorry for late answer and sorry that I don’t know much about the situation bc all I know is that Kim Jongin was not okay on the concerts in Thailand..