Day 19 of my FYIDTHPC (again?) - Favorite Deathly Hallow

The Elder Wand

Assuming I could master it, I think I’d chose the Elder Wand. Although, all that power in the hands of this simple man could bring another Wizarding war. My second option would be the Invisibility Cloak but I’m invisible enough as it is. I wouldn’t choose the Resurrection Stone because, as pretty as it looks in Marvolo Gaunt’s ring, I really don’t have anyone I want to bring from the death.

Day 11 of my FYIDTHPC - Most Handsome Character

Harry Potter

 During the first books, I pictured him as a cute kid and suddenly I started thinking of him as handsome. May be I go too much by Mary Grandpre’s drawings, but I really do think he’s handsome. I imagine his green eyes and messy hair and yeah, he’s handsome alright! When I saw the image above when reading the book, I thought “Hello there, cutie.”

Day 25 of my FYIDTHPC- Favorite Dursley

Dudley Dursley

I don’t really like him but he is the one I like better. Yes, he was a damn annoying kid and a bully, but it was almost all his parent’s fault. He did show some kind of remorse for what he had done and even felt confused as to why the Dursleys had to leave Harry and I think that showed he did have an attachement to his cousin. 

Day 3 of my FYIDTHPC- Favorite Character

Harry Potter

Aside from the obvious answer that is “he is the main character”, I really like Harry. Yes, he can be stubborn and stupid at times, but he is also heroic and most times, selfless. He is quick on his feet and brave. He suffered many things no one should ever suffer. Lacking a real family, he made his friends his family and I really love that.